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The general definition of color blocking is basically mixing colors that are opposite on the color wheel in order to create a very interesting mix that attracts attention. Color blocking in relation to fashionable outfits refers to wearing a combination of solid colors, not necessarily complementary ones but deep hues, vivid tones that stand out.

If you read the definition you may not really understand the exact meaning, but you might just remember Gucci’s Spring Ready to Wear 2011 collection . A mix of colors you might have not worn before because just like me, you thought that they would never look great together. Still, Gucci proves us wrong again.

Even if the trend have never been as fashionable as then, it never faded away permanently.

If you are like me and you don’t really like wearing prints, a cool way to make your outfit stand out is by creating one based on this idea of color blocking. Pick your favorite colors in bold hues and combine them in a very fashionable look.

I like the idea of adding warm colors to cold hues because I believe they stand out better without overpowering the other choice of color.  They are visually equal as intensity and none look faded into the other.


When I picked this blazer online, I thought it would be a bit more on the magenta side, but it looks pretty nice as it is. I wanted to mix it with a yellow top but it seems I don’t own any yellow tops, surprisingly so I went for a purple sweater instead to match my satin ankle boots.

This is  just a simple example of how you can mix colors in order to get a creative look. I hope that maybe I helped you get inspired for your next outfit idea.

color blocking definition

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Blazer: Rosegal / Skirt: B.A.D. style / Boots: NA-KD / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Sunglasses: Dior

color block look


color blocking definition


color block look


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