5 Reasons for Investing in a Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

It’s basically a small collection of just the absolute necessary items that can respond to any need when it comes to outfits. Most pieces go together very well, while the accessories, bags and shoes area bought to fill in the gaps.

How do you start a Capsule wardrobe?

Sit down and make a list. Think of all the types of events or special occasions you will need to attend and focus on that . Next, assess your style and make your list of favorite pieces you will want to keep or ones you really need to change. Be sure you only think about things you would wear often, not things you might like to know you own.

If you feel your current wardrobe isn’t half as you would want it to be, donate or sell everything you haven’t worn in the last 3-4 months. You can keep 1-3 items that have a sentimental value, but not more. I still keep my high-school prom dress, just for fun and a signed T-shirt from the 8th grade that all my colleagues signed on.

Quality is important especially when putting together capsule collections. Invest more in items you know you will wear often so that they won’t get destroyed fast. For example I prefer jeans and text tops so I’d rather pay more for these than for a dress that I’d wear only if necessary for an event of some sort.

text T-shirt
Text T-shirt
printed T-shirt
white text T-shirt
White text T-shirt

If you are an active person, focus on casual yet cool items like sport sets and lounge wear sets you can also wear outside. Simplicity is everything but if you want a bit of edge to them, focus on cool cuts or layering. A short hoodie with a mesh T-shirt underneath might just be a fun mix. That mesh T-shirt could be wrong with a leather skirt and boots for a rock concert, or even with a maxi skirt and heels for a special event. It all depends on the style and quality of the item.

Next, colors and textures.

If you pick neutrals for your capsule wardrobe, they textures cand be abundent. You if you want a colored selection then you should be more scarce in textures. I prefer neutral, dark colors rather than colors. My favorite pieces are always black, grey, white, wine red, silver or blue if we are talking about jeans. I can easily find my favorite pieces just in this color palette. In this case I can opt for cotton T-shirts, leather skirts, mesh tops, and wool jackets as a cool mix that look nice together.

lounge wear set
black loungewear set
Black loungewear set
lounge wear set
Lounge wear set

Accessories for a capsule wardrobe

Function is important. A big bag, a backpack, a bumbag and an evening bag for just in case situations. Black or silver would be ideal in my case. Shoes? Always comfy and edgy or classic. Superstars, Nike Air Force, Converse or Dr. Martens for the win. Maybe just one pair of flat sandals and one of pumps, all neutral nudes or blacks. I wear my fitbit all the time, so when it comes to accessories I stick to basics. I don;t wear earrings except my piercings and the bracelets I never take off. My engagement ring and wedding band stay on so not much investment in other pieces. I’d rather spend more on layering some bracelets that buying statement pieces of jewelry I wouldn’t wear.

Guilty pleasures?

Bags and shoes, but I try to keep them to a minimal. What’s your shopping pleasure that might prevent you from creating a simple capsule wardrobe?

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