5 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

To be able to multi-task is what a woman is all about. And that’s how she takes care of her home, her work, her family and her friends all at once.

They say, “Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”
And so it is true.
A lot of people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, they have not seen the spark in a woman’s eyes as she tries on a new pair of heels from yoox!

You see men, always in a pair of boring leather shoes at work. Sometimes, they may give it break and wear sports shoes. But that’s it.
When it comes to women, we are more spoilt for choice. We’ve got shoes for different occasions, we have got shoes for different weathers, we have different shoes that are to be worn at different places and we even have a range of shoes to be worn at the workplace! And its so beautiful and sparkly and pretty!

A world full of pretty shoes!

What sets women’s footwear apart from that of men is the range of vibrancy that exists. There is so many colours to choose from; at times a plethora of patterns too, there’s a lot of materials you can put your hand at and there’s literally a gazillion types of shoes available in different makes.

Clearly, women have a lot to choose from.

Nevertheless, the middle-class person can only afford so many things. Sure, desiring all shoes in the world is an unrealistic dream and horribly expensive, there are a few basics and must-haves that all women should have in their closet.

7 basic types of shoes every woman should have in her closet are: –

  • Black or nude Pumps

Earlier, black used to be versatile colour. Now, it includes soft beige or a nude colour too. A spft pointed pump is a must have that actually IS present in most women’s closets. Owning a pump is the 101 rule of the guide to own shoes. You can’t have all the shoes in the world if you don’t own a pair of pumps. These are formal, casual, semi-casual and pretty versatile. If you are short on time, throw on black pumps with anything you’re wearing and it is bound to look hot. You can choose peep-toe pumps too! Or pointy ones.

black pumps

  • Ballerina flats

Also known as ballet flats, these are the ‘I got your back, girl’ shoes. No shit. They complement any outfit you’re wearing and are a God-send saviour for days when you swear to yourself you never will wear heels. They are so cute and petite these days, they fit in any corner, so you can always keep them handy.

studded dolce loafers

  • Wedges

Wedged heel is the statement these days. Be it a wedged espadrille, or a wedged sandal; these are perfect for a casual dinner date, or a formal business meeting. These are super comfortable and won’t hurt your feet the way statement sandals do.


  • Tall boots

What’s having winter and no tall boots to swank at? Choose a knee high boot in black, brown or nude and it will go perfectly with jeans, skirts, dresses and even gowns!

  • Sneakers

For the hiking trip, or a weekend getaway, invest a pair of good sneakers. Vans are super comfortable and have a classic, chic look to them. Otherwise, the classic canvas does the job.

prada sneakers

  • Sky-high sandals

Every woman has GOT TO own at least one of these. A rocketing 6-inch or maybe a 9-inch statement sandal that adds another dimension to your outfit and makes the whole look of it. Sure, they would hurt a little; but all things come at a cost! Metallic heels are the new in, these days.

  • All weather, ankle length boots

These will company you in all seasons and will go with every outfit you throw on. Black ones are the safest investment. Super comfortable and easy to walk around in, these will never disappoint you.



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