A.I. in the Beauty Industry

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world, one industry at a time. Nowadays, this incredible technology is found in almost every industry and sector, with excellent results. It’s no wonder why one of the most successful industries is taking advantage of A.I. software development technology to boost their business and survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are talking about the Beauty industry, a sector that has seen an increase in using A.I. solutions in recent years. But what exactly is A.I. is doing in the beauty and cosmetic industry and how it will impact the consumers?

Welcome to the beauty industry’s golden age of A.I.

People have been using makeup and cosmetics since ancient times so it’s no wonder whythe beauty and cosmetic industry are one of the biggest in the world. Just so we can have a clear image: the total global sales in 2020 was around $483 billion and with an annual growth rate of 4.75% we can expect a total revenue of $716 billion by 2025. Quite impressive, right?

However, with the increased use of smart technologies like A.I., machine learning development and big data this industry can increase the revenue even higher. Let’s see how A.I. is already impacting the world of beauty.

A.I. technology for dynamic content personalization

In the beauty and cosmetic industry content personalization is a necessity rather than a good-to-have feature. Nowadays, beauty shoppers are constantly online doing research before they purchase a product. They know what they want, and they want it now!

Nowadays, with the large volume of data available from customers’ online behavior, brands can offer tailored recommendations to consumers based on what similar shoppers have viewed, liked, or purchased. With the help of this type of solutions the brands can create a connection with consumers based on specific needs and wishes.  

beauty AI

A.I. technology for beauty product search

In an overwhelming market, providing personalized skincare and makeup product recommendations online can be a difficult task. However, with the help of A.I. algorithms you can collects information about shoppers’ skin type and condition or hair structure. This type of information can be collected during a short quiz that customers can complete online.

AR (Augmented reality) for virtual product trials

Have you ever tried an Instagram or Snapchat filter? If the answer is yes, then you have interacted with AR. Thanks to this technology stack that enables adding virtual images to real-life photos we can add filters over our photos and create better images. But AR can do more than that.

In the beauty and skin care products sector, Augmented reality can enhance the online shopping experience of each customer by offering the ability to “try-on” lipstick (or other makeup products) virtually. This way, the customer can try different colors until the “perfect combination” is found.

Nowadays, you can even see the result of anti-aging creams without applying a cream on your face. How? The AR intelligent algorithm can detect the customer’s face by analyzing 100 focal points to find facial borders. It will detect wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles. Depending on your needs you can select the perfect skin-care product that will help you.

By leveraging the power of A.I. in the beauty industry, brands can provide relevant content right when and where it matters. As shoppers grow more comfortable with buying beauty products from the comfort of their home, it’s likely that the industry will continue to turn its eyes to the future. And the future is all A.I..

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