Autumn self-care marathon

Summer just passed and now it’s time to fix everything we messed up during the past 3 to 4 months.

Even if we didn’t actually expose ourselves directly in the sun, it’s important to prepare the skin for the cold season so that next Spring it will have that healthy glow we are all looking for. Just like going to the gym t get that perfect body, you have to start one year prior to the season so that you can achieve the results you are aiming for.

Autumn skincare plan

Exfoliation is top when we are talking about getting rid of summer sun damage. Surely this shouldn’t be done in excess because you will most likely get an irritation. Be gentle and use gentle chemical exfoliants rather than harsh scrubs. Mandelic acid and lactic acid are great options for reducing the dark spots and they are great even for a sensitive skin.

During the autumn season, it is important to replenish certain vitamins in your system to maintain skin hydration. You can achieve this by incorporating IV treatments alongside moisturizing creams and enough water intake. For instance, PT-141 injections, can offer multiple skincare benefits and directly supply the necessary vitamins to your bloodstream during the autumn season.

Body treatments

Even if you won’t be probably walking bare legged too soon, working on reducing cellulite is a great way to start the fall with. Buy some kind of massager for you to use at home or book some salon treatments to help aid your efforts with sports and diet. This would be the best combo for getting supermodels legs by next summer. Exfoliation and hydration is key for perfect looking skin, but there is another option for you to try during the cold season. Laser hair removal also help with foliculitis if you are dealing with such problems, but this treatment will also relieve the burden of constantly shaving your legs.

Long healthy hair

Sun, sand, salty water probably damaged your hair this summer. Don’t despair because there are tons of treatments to tryout at home or at the salon. First you can consider adding some supplements into your diet like the ones from Organic Bunny. These can help with the overall health of your hair and nails for a longer period of time. Using the right product for your hair type is really important. If it’s dry and dyed, try using restoring and hydrating products like the hair bond from Olaplex. Shampoos help too but the most important step in hair care is the mask you are using. Try adding this to your hair care routine at least once a week and you will surely see results fast.

Perfect nails

Perfect nails is something all women desire. With the proper tools you can easily achieve long lasting perfect manicure with less time spend in traffic and at the salon. Use a basic soak off nail polish kit and you will learn in no time how to get perfect nails. It’s easy as just using basic nail polish, but it will last much longer. The price for a basic kit with a led lamp is a bit more than doing your nails twice at the salon. Be sure you will seal your investment in probably less than one month. You can also help your friends out or even start a side hustle if you get passionate about doing nails.

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