It’s been a while since I last posted something new, but I have been working on some projects , learning for school and in between some accessories experiments.More will come soon.

Black bow head-piece with black veil and biconic beads.

Funda neagra decorata cu margele biconice negre si voaleta cu bulinute.

Price/pret: 35 lei

Peacock feathered headpiece with black organza flower-bow and burgundy beads.

Cordeluta decorata cu pene de paun, pene negre, funda-floare din organza si margele visinii.

Price/pret: 40 lei-sold/vandut

Black and red tull headpiece adorned with black beads.

Cordeluta cu floare din tull negru si rosu decorata cu margele negre

Price/pret: 35 lei

Bracelet made of organza and burgundy natural silk flowers, adorned with black beads and Swarovski crystals. It can also be worn as a neacklace.

Bratara din panglica de organza si flori visinii din matase naturala decorate cu margele negre si cristale Swarovski. Poate fi purtata deasemenea ca si colier.

Price/pret: 50 lei-sold/vandut

Silver plated chain set with P.U red thread. The bracelet comes with a silver heart charm and 2 Swarovski crystal beads.

Set din lanturi placate cu argint si snur rosu din piele ecologica. Bratara are un pandantiv din argint in forma de inimioara si 2 cristale Swarovski.

Price/pret: 70 lei

Silver plated wire ring with 6 Swarovski crystals

Inel din sarma placata cu argint si cristale Swarovski

Price/pret: 35 lei

Silver plated wire pendant with Swarovski crystals.

Pandantiv din sarma placata cu argint si cristale Swarovski

Price/pret: 35 lei

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