Are Phone Cases Just Fashionable?

The phones we had a while ago were very basic and the trendy thing about them was either the color or shape.

Now everyone wants a very slim yet big phone with the best camera. If years ago we used to not care that much about protecting the phone because it was sturdy, now any small bump or crash might destroy it. Surely it is very likely that it can be fixed, but the price would big much higher than if you were to invest in a good phone case.

Safety Phone cases or Fashionable ones?

Some phone cases are made strictly for the purpose of keeping your gadget safe and intact even if you might just drop it on a hard surface. But that doesn’t mean those safety phone cases are plain ugly. Still, most of the time, the really sturdy designs will be much thicker and are ideal for people that work on construction sites for example. Simple, slim cases in bold colors and interesting textures like leather, vinyl, rubber or just plastic are in demand. It’s mostly a personal choice that also depends on your lifestyle and day to day activities.

Trendy mobile phone cases might feature different adornments or innovative designs. Like floating glitter, color changing cases, 3D designs, fur lined or many other novelties that the public might adore. Even if extravagant cases are eye catching, they are not always that practical.

How to pick the best ones

Before picking a case, think of what you need it for. Do you want to protect your  phone and stay trendy? Pick a cool color or maybe a designer phone case that will make you stand out. Be sure to look for something that doesn’t slip quickly unless you want to buy a new phone soon.

Do you constantly need to charge your phone because you are using it at the max? Then why not consider a built in battery charger case? It might look thicker but If you don’t need to carry extra gadgets or wires for charging it, this might be the best choice.

Do you need your hands free all the time? If you are a busy mom of a young child, baby or not necessarily, then you need your hands to always be free and still stay connected. The phone might or might not fit in your pocket, but you can consider a phone case with straps. Just like a purse, you can wear your phone on your shoulder or around your neck or waist because of that adjustable strap. This way you have your hand free and you can reach your phone at any time.

What about the times when you go on vacation? Sand, water and all that. Even if you are not planning to take underwater pictures, you might need to consider a waterproof phone case just in case. You don’t know when it can slip between your fingers and fall in the water. Even if such accidents might happen less frequent than any other type, staying safe on vacations is the best way.

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