Is Drinking Beer Still Boring? No, It’s fun!

“Let’s have a beer” sounds like a casual invitation for a fun evening out with friends where you won’t necessarily drink beer. It’s so common that sometimes you feel it would be so boring to just drink beer, even if some are really passionate about beer and everything about brewing in general.

Then there are so many other options, maybe not that popular as the classic lines, but which bring innovative combinations to your table. Melvin Brewing have some really interesting types that any beer enthusiast should try out. The Melvin Pale Ale is one of their bestsellers and you surely need to try some of the double IPAs or the Mexican-style lager. Staple beers that should not be missed if you are a knowledgeable drinker.

Most men enjoy beer and some are really fond about knowing everything about the brewing process, what types of beer are there and how they should be drank, just like passionate wine drinker.

But when it comes to women, they would probably prefer beer cocktails rather than a rough draft.

How about a barbecue with beers for the guy and beer-cocktails for the ladies?

A perfect idea for spring or summer when you want to meet your friends and have a nice day out in the garden but without much hassle. Pull the grill out, prepare some barbecues, burgers, salads and cheesy bites to please everyone. And for the drinks, beers for the men, and cocktails for the ladies. Here are some fun cocktail recipes to try out.

Strawberry Cucumber beer cocktail – all you need is 6 oz blonde beer, 1 oz gin, .5oz elderflower liqueur or syrup, 2 cucumber slices and 2 big strawberries. Either use a cocktail shaker if you have one, or just try to mix into a big bottle or jar the strawberries and cucumber slices, elderflower liqueur, gin and some ice cubes. Strain everything into a glass and add 6 oz of beer of your choice.

Forget the Margarita and try a Beergarita. The ladies will love it. You need 1 oz. Tequila, .5 oz. Lime Juice, 1 oz. Tattersall Grapefruit Crema and 6 oz of light beer. Mix everything together over ice and pour in a glass. Add some sugar around the glass edge as you would for a Margarita. I am sure the guys will want to try this one out too.

Simple and easy to make, the Summer Shandy is always a great highlight when it comes to a casual garden party. You will need 3 oz. of pale ale beer and 6 oz. of Peach Nectarine Sparkling Ice. Mix them together in a tall glass with some ice and serve with a slice of strawberry or raspberry.

Gifting Beer?

If you thought beer was not a good idea when it comes to presents, you should think again. There are more and more options to consider when buying gifts.  Creative 6 packs, fun designs even for beer cans so that you can easily fit a few cans into a paper bag and make it a perfect gift for him.

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