Are There any High-Quality Face Masks That are Also Fashionable at the Same Time?

Since face masks became a part of our everyday lives, many options have appeared on the market ever since. Huge variability encourages us to choose those of the best qualities. For example, medical masks, disposable masks, and respirators are being recommended as the safest protection. However, they serve for practical use, and that doesn’t often reach fashion aesthetics. But what if there is a mask that meets the standards of high-quality protection and looks stylish at the same time?

A European company beats stereotypes

är, a European company, introduces stylish protective equipment while using the most advanced technologies. While their minimalistic design makes their products look expensive and easy to match to any outfit, the innovative technologies create effective protection for your everyday activities. From nano-technology filters to self-cleaning ability, är beats stereotypes of the appearance of high-quality protection.

Minimalistic Design

”Designed and made in EU.” The sleek-looking textile gives är Face Mask a modern and expensive look. The fabric is dense yet very easy to breathe through. You can choose between seven different colours, four sizes in which one is for children, or if you want a mask with or without an exhalation valve.

Each mask is developed to fit your face according to your individual needs. You can easily adjust the size of the earloops and use a nose bridge wire for perfect sealing. On top of that, the wire is covered in foam to prevent fogging your glasses.

For business wear or everyday activities?

Easy to match with every outfit! Here are some inspirations on how to wear är Face Mask. 

The innovative self-cleaning technology of är Face Mask

är Face Mask is mainly known for its cutting-edge technology ViralOff®. ViralOff® is a Swedish revolutionary treatment that can sterilise the surface simply on its own, as it doesn’t allow viruses to survive on it. It is scientifically tested and certified by ISO18184:2019, proving the reduction of viruses by 99 per cent within two hours. 

Also, är Face Mask is covered in hydrophobic fabric treatment Eco Acqua Zero, protecting you against aerosols released during coughing, sneezing, or verbal communication. Small drops of water don’t absorb into the material, which makes it even safer.

Nano-technology filtration system

Replaceable nano-technology filters from är are made of two layers of nonwoven materials with one nanofiber layer between them. The benefits of nanotechnology are the high porosity with small pore dimensions. The pores’ size is small enough to block contaminants, but their amount is significant enough to allow you to breathe comfortably. är Nano Filters are proven to block up to 99,8% of viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, smog, and other airborne contaminants.

är FFP2 respirator

är has recently listed a new product for those who want extra-breathability or just a fashionable respirator.

är Respirator is the first designer, FFP2 respirator. It holds an official FFP2 certification and meets the European norm EN 149:2001 + A1:2009. It is the kind of FFP2 respirator that won’t ruin your outfit. Click here to find out more.

So, is it possible to have a high-quality face mask that is also fashionable?

It seems that with är, practical use and good design can go hand in hand. är Face Mask is minimalistic, luxurious and not just a piece of protective equipment. Its stylish appearance doesn’t detract from its qualities.

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