Baby Nursery Decor

Finding the best furniture for your baby’s crib

Designing a super awesome room for your newborn is something you surely want to achieve even with a lower budget. It’s not that hard if you find the right items that you are looking for.

To make everything more easy, I asked to new moms Zane & Liene to tell me more about their project and how we should all start creating our baby’s crib.

Statement pieces of furniture that are both cute and very practical so that you won’t spend too much on boring pieces you will regret paying for in a few months.

1. Tell us about the conceptual idea of your brand

Our idea is to make a set of all main things for kids room / nursery, so we will not make hundreds of  different beds but a bed which will match with shelves, rug, wall decor etc.

2. What made you get into nursery furniture/design?

Our kids. We are 2 new mums. When we tried to set up our own rooms we understood that it takes a lot of time to find nice things which looks good together.

baby house bed

3. What do parents search for nowadays?

I would say minimalism in design and comfort.

baby letter wrath

4. Why are classic piece not so fashionable anymore?

I don’t think they aren’t fashionable anymore. But people want to be more unique, so everyone is searching for all those simple things like bed, shelf but with a cherry 🙂 if you know what I mean with that.

house shaped baby toy shelves

baby house wood bed

5. Which is your bestseller and why do you think so many people love it?

Floral letters in light colors. It is an easy way with one thing that could make a huge accent in a room, so I think that’s the reason people like them.


6. Are girl or boy parents more into designing the perfect room?

I have a feeling that girls moms are more active. Probably that’s the way they would fill their own childhood dreams 🙂 and stay like princesses.

felt brooch for baby

baby bed toy

7. 3 tips on finding the perfect items for the ideal nursery?

* decide which of the items/furniture will be the main accent in a room and combine all other things to match it.
* dont choose more than 3 colors in a room
* search for handmade items. They will create a perfect feeling in a room.


8. Talking about colors, which are your favorite to work with and why?

I really love it when girl moms choose blue shades for their nursery or boy moms that allow pink. It means people don’t have stereotypes and I love that.

heart flower wrath

9. What’s the next product you would like to develop in the near future?

We have one project we are working on now, but better follow up on instagram and check it out somewhere in the middle of September 🙂 I believe it will be awesome product! Fingers crossed, but for now its a small secret 🙂


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