Back to School Clothing Essentials


Going back to school should still be a happy event, maybe even just because you really need to refresh your wardrobe. This call for a serious shopping list before running down to the shopping mall.

Still, I prefer to buy my clothes online, spares me a lot of time going through stores and even if I am not going back to school the first thing I always look for are tops and jackets. You can never have enough tops and jackets or jeans for that matter.

I always look for nice fabrics, cotton blends that feel soft on the skin. Waterfall Jackets, oversized shirts and cardigans are my favorite  items for fall. They are perfect to mix and match and wear them almost all year around.

Basic tops also are staple pieces in any wardrobe. Worn with jeans or simple casual skirts are ideal for a normal day at school.

And of course for the ones that are going on holiday  right now, like me, beach covers, loose tops with lace details and cute crop tops are the best thing to get on sale!

Agree? I got my back to school essentials list, do you?



back to school clothing essentials

Waterfall jacket                         Dark Blue Cardigan                                    Mint Shirt




back to school clothing essentials



Embroidered Top                   Bow Top                           Black Tshirt

back to school clothing essentials

White top                    Beach Cover                     Lace Crop

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