BAD news

 I just got some bad news that fucked up my day.starting 26 of February my street will be “under construction”.

That means, no car acces, noise everyday for probably more than 3 months…. I really hate it!

I will have to start yoga, meditation or something because  I will be constantly irritated!
I know it shouldn’t affect me that me, but this is how I am. I make a small problem seem the end of the world.
Meanwhile…. enjoy the post and the weekend to come!
Tocmai am primit niste vesti nasoale!
Incepand din 26 februarie strada mea va fi sparta toata, dintr-un capat in altul pentru ca se schimba canalizarea… Super, ce sa zic, gata acces auto….galagie zilnic probabil de la prima ora, si eu oricum nu sunt foarte matinala…..Deci nervi peste nervi.SI cum eu fac din tantar armasar, pentru mine chiar e o tragedie! Probabil o sa dureze si peste 3 luni de zile toata treaba asta.,,, Bestial!
Dar, voi monitoriza lucrarile, zilnic voi face fotografii muncitorilor care “lucreaza”, va tin la curent!
Pentru moment, sa ne bucuram de weekendul ce vine!

 Top: Lindex
Vest: New Yorker
Jeans: Vintage
Bracelet: Custom made
Boots: Stylishplus
Necklace: Here
Sunglasses : vintage

 Photos by Veres Krisztian

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