Basic items you can reinvent

It doesn’t matter if you like to do constant shopping or just buy some key items every season, the basic items need to exist in your closet, and I am not talking only about the LBD.

When I say basic, I really mean comfy clothes, like some cool tracksuits, a simple T-shirt dress with both long and short sleeves and a pair of cool leggings.

These are indeed simple items that you can style in so many ways.

Or would you rather have a wardrobe packed with thousands of pieces of clothing you will never wear?

tracksuit salmon and nike

Casual tracksuit look

Comfy and chic, tracksuits have really come back in fashion lately and there aren’t just 1 or 2 ways to wear them. So get yourself a set of awesome tracksuits and have fun being creative.

Pick a pair of sneakers that really make your outfit stand out. I went for a salmon colored tracksuit and pair it up with my fuchsia Air Force 1 Nikes. For a more fashionable look, I could have went for high heeled sandals, a simple two strap sandal just to make it more fancy. Tracksuits and sandals looks great, but not in every combination. Be sure to stay within simple lines and neutral colors as the mix is risky. This bold outfit would be nice for a day out with your girls and not for going to the office of course. Lounge wear is comfy, but not that elegant. Best bag to match it with is a rucsac for sure.

tracksuit and air force nike
woman wearing tracksuit


T-shirt dress ideas

The T-shirt dress is ideal for ladies that like being casual but from time to time they would add some heels to look a bit more elegant. This time, I picked net stocking and boots together with a leopard printed cardigan for a fashionable outfit that is both comfy and cool. Surely the boots could easily be replaced with some platform sneakers or flat sandals, but you, you need to ditch the net stocking because that would be too much. You can add a track or varsity jacket instead of the chiffon cardigan and maybe a stylish backpack or baseball cap to finish it off. Casual dresses are easy to be styled.

The long sleeved T-shirt dress with a cool print is the best for rockish looks that are super extra comfy. This kind of dress could be worn as an oversized blouse or just as a dress. This time I  styled it as a top with some vinyl leggings for a grunge inspired outfit. For a casual day look, I would just wear the dress with some cycling shorts underneath and some Superstar sneakers. Surely wouldn’t forget about the sunglasses. This is a very versatile piece of clothing, so if you are going for street look, you can easily pair it with some simple heeled sandals, maybe with some star printed socks to complement the print on the top. So casual dresses should be on your list.

casual dress
casual dress

Casual dress

Vinyl Leggings

These are bold, but yet if you are going for a more casual outfit, they can pass as street in the right look. I opted to wear them with the long  sleeved top because I felt they would look good together this way. A bold yet very simple outfit that makes you stand out without it being too much. I was very hyped about this trend and I still am because there are so many cool ideas for wearing vinyl leggings. A simple white T-shirt, black vinyl leggings and high heeled sandals for a young Madonna inspired outfit. You can layer a mesh star printed top over it for a really different look that would surely make you stand out. This would be ideal for a festival look, but without the high heels of course.

All these basic pieces of clothing should be picked according to your and personal preferences. The tracksuit could be black or red for example, the Tshirt dress could be more loose or with a fun text or print. The long sleeved dress could be more fitted. For the vinyl leggings you might have opted for a bold color, or maybe a more matte finish. If you pick the right pieces of clothing rather than what trends say, you will always have something to wear, no matter the event you are attending.

tshirt dress
vinyl leggings

Vinyl leggings

Enjoy yourself while playing with different mixes and don’t really care about what others say if you feel great about what you are wearing. Confidence is the key for styling the best looks.

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