How to achieve customer success with 5 basic rules

Whether you have a blog, an online shop or just a simple website to showcase your portfolio, you need to know a little bit about customer success.

You might say that you don’t have any customers, as you are not selling anything, but if you have a blog where you write whatever you desire, you already have some readers, followers which could translate into customers one way or another. You might just want to get more traffic, relevant traffic,  attract more users to read your blog, to engage with it, so basically you can consider people that are checking out your posts, customers. Or maybe you would want to monetize your work in other ways, like using adsense, sponsored posts etc. and this way you will want to get more customers.

customer success

You probably got my idea already, so now that we settled that you indeed need to learn about customer success, let’s see the 5 basic rules on how to get the best people to find out about you and what you offer on the digital market.

1. Find your niche and go along that path with strictness and devotion. If you stick to a certain topic, you will attract the right people so the customer churn will just happen naturally. This way, on the long run, you will have only the public you want, the people that find your work very relatable to what they are searching for. Be consistent and offer highly valuable info, not just words in an empty sentence.

2. This could also be the most important of all, after you find your niche. Be sure you offer a great UX and that your site runs smooth. People will not come again if you offer them a bad experience. Make everything predictable and easy to be found with a glimpse and a clic or two. Try A/B testing and hotmaps to see how your customers would actually interact with your website and this is especially important if you run an online shop.

3. Create the best landing page that would tell the visitor everything they need and want to know. Onboarding is crucial in order to achieve customer success. Be sure the page is simple, yet informative and all the features work perfectly. You wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression. You will want to send some incentives that might convince them sign up or just make everything so appealing that they are very curious about what’s next.

4. Be active, be sincere and be real. People like to interact with people, so no matter the business you run, you need to get up close and personal with your customers. Be there for them, join the conversation and answer their questions and needs.  Whether you are replying to their comments or just actually messaging them about the topic they have concern with, you need to make them see you are human too. You will not be able to keep them all, but some need to go. You need just the right people churned there, not everybody.

5. Get a customer success specialist to deal with just this in case you have a bigger business. You need someone to pay attention just on this topic and nothing else as this is one of your key elements that could make or break your business. They need to feel that they are right there where they are and that you can help or provide the exact info they need at that time.

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