Basic pieces for a wardrobe refresh

Women tend to over-shop when the new season comes, but if you analyze the situation, with just a few items and a bit of creativity, you can make a fast refresh.

Everyone should start by analyzing their style and of course, existing pieces to be sure everything matches. According to what you normally like to wear, you can simply add a few pieces you consider investing in. A pair or two of trousers or skirt if your prefer them better. Maybe a coat or just some tops for a casual yet edgy look.

Normally, investing in accessories or footwear would be my kind or wardrobe refresh, but this year, I went for something different. Trousers and tops for the win.

As I meantioned in an older post, I prefer jeans and T-shirts for my daily work outfits. They are comfy and I can easily grab them early in the morning when I rush to the office.

All kinds of jeans from colored, to boyfriend and ripped jeans for a grunge inspired outfit. Lately, I added some office inspired pieces that I mix with my casual pieces for an elegant yet effortless look. I wisely pick classic items that I can easily take from elegant to casual to edgy, and I make sure they have the right fit. I believe that being short is both a blessing and a curse, because you can’t actually wear everything and look good too. I find myself looking for the perfect taioler trousers that are just above the ankles in length. I am short so they won’t be short enough, and I am not slim, nor curvy, so I can’t rely on size fitting this kind of style.

The main pieces I rely on this season are, Jeans, trousers, Tshirts and the most versatile, body flattering dress.

Edgy ripped jeans

The jeans are edgy, I know and I will probably give them a more grunge look this winter with some black tights or mesh stocking and platform boots. A chunky pullover and a knitted beanie to complete the look. Now, until the weather is till mild, I would pick a T-shirt and a leather jacket to top it up.

ripped jeans femmeluxe
Ripped jeans
casual look with jeans

Cigarette trousers

The black cigarette trousers are bot versatile and comfortable. Simple to turn from one style to another with just the right top, footwear and accessories. They look awesome with both high heels and combat boots so it’s hard to decide which  I like best.

cigarette trousers
Black trousers
straight letg trousers
femmeluxe trousers

The casual T-shirt

The T-shirt is something I believe everyone owns. I don’t think there is a person on this planet that doesn’t own a T-shirt so I think a new top is always a god idea. If you like casual looks, T-shirts are something you should look for. This one will be my favorite until the harsh winter comes and will force me to opt for warmer tops and pullovers.

casual femmeluxe tshirt
casual Tshirt

The black dress

The black dress at it’s finest. From casual to elegant with a fast turn. It’s comfy and easy to mix and match. From grunge cool to classy chic, you name it. Be creative and have fun with it because it offers so much. Such dresses are ideal as a back-up in any woman’s closet.

femmeluxe black dress
femmeluxe black dress
black dress femmeluxe

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