Bathroom redesign ideas

With everything that is happening all over the world, having a nice, relaxing spot at home is crucial for both the mind and body. And what better spot to start with if not your bathroom.

From simple and cheap touchups that might make a big difference, to actually taking down the ceramic tiles or doing a complete bathtub or shower repacement, any small change might be beneficial on the long-term. Optimizing the furniture for storage tools and bathroom essentials is as important as the overall design.

How to start planning a bathroom redesign?

It all start with what you want and what budget are you open to invest in this.

How do you like to relax?

Do you enjoy taking long baths or you’d prefer a quick hydro-massage in the shower?

According to this, you might start planning your ideal bathroom. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

You can take a quick shower in the bathtub, but you can’t take a bath in the shower. Also, a bathtub is almost always easier to clean rather than a shower cabin so this choice might also impact the time and effort you spend cleaning up.

What’s your budget?

If you know you don’t have a big budget, then be sure to keep your expectations within reasonable limits. Try maybe changing just part of the tiles, maybe a new bathtub or shower cap that has extra features. Think of anything that might help you relax more or get you into that luxurious SPA feeling.

If you have a more generous budget, then you can start redesigning from scratch. Even if you want to get your bathroom looking really modern, try not to go overboard because maybe next year you will hate it. Think if what you still like about your existing bathroom and try to keep such details. This will ensure a more timeless design. Then think of practical choices you might want to get when it comes to accessibility, storage or cleaning. Maybe you feel you need more storage space, then try to see how you can adapt the pace in order to not make it look too busy.

An indoor mini sauna might sound like a great idea if you can afford it. Think of the health benefist you might get from such a treat.

Cheap alternatives for luxurious looking bathrooms

If you don’t have much of a budget to spend on creating an at home SPA in your own bathroom, then you should consider improvising.

De-clutter to create a more peaceful, welcoming space. Find storage boxes of baskets that are both good looking and practical. Set up some shelves if you have space for them. This way you can storeyour things better and maybe have some space left for decorations.

Think of adding some candles or maybe a chromotherapy light system for some relaxing bathing sessions. Buy some small gadgets like a massager or a hot stone heater for extra pampering.

Even a simple wooden bath tray might help with that relaxing SPA day. Add hot water, some oil infused salts and watch your favorite show on Netflix while you relax.

The advantage of doing small touch ups is that you can easily spread the activity over a longer timespan, adding things as you have the budget for them.

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