It’s All in The Cloud

Times change so fast and we need to keep up with everything if we don’t want to be left behind.

2020 was a year of fast development for everyone. Some businesses put the lock on, but others bloomed due to everything going mostly online. Shops that were only brick and mortar started selling online, grocery shopping went from mostly in-shop to online in a very short time. Online services have boomed in the past couple of months because of the high demand and nothing will ever be the same again. Not that that would be a bad thing.

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Is going online a really expensive move?

Maybe it is for some, but if someone would try to find the best resources then they might spare some budget they could invest in something else. Cloud based applications have been in high demand in 2020 because of the sudden remote work for almost everyone. It’s a big deal to be able to shift everything in the cloud so that they could be reachable by the teams from any place in the world. Google Cloud Marketplace is one of the most affordable and easy to use platform for both providers and clients.

Why to sell on Google Cloud marketplace when there are so many other platforms out there?

From the technical point of view

It gives you flexibility whenever you want to run your apps, so that you don’t need to have any tight schedules. Scaling is made much easier and much quicker because you are not limited with your space or resources. Processes can be easily automated with the help of machine learning for both technical processes and the management side.

The fun thing is that besides the fact the cloud platform is really secure, it’s also clean. Clean as in a net carbon-neutral cloud which means they match the energy used for providing and running the services with 100% renewable energy. Making this a green choice with cost effective features that makes this worth while when comparing to other marketplaces.

Apart from the technical solutions that give you a big advantage, selling on Google Cloud Marketplace is easy also in terms of business.

google cloud marketplace

Easier transactions and more exposure

Not needing to set up billing for each and every new client takes the burden off your shoulders.

Also, the high exposure and great reputation of the platform itself give clients that extra assurance they sometimes need for starting business with a new provider.

Getting noticed worldwide couldn’t have been easier without spending a big budget on your marketing efforts. Aligning your services with the ones provided by big leaders in the industry ensures a great start for any small business that wants to thrive for greatness.

With analytics support and co-marketing activities, growing your business is not packed with so many encumbrances as the journey might have been in some other situation.

Cloud based applications are the future and there shouldn’t be any time wasted in thinking whether to be part of this technology growth because you might lose the start and finding your way though would be much more difficult later.

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