Be smart with your debts

Making money is vital for everyone. While some strive easily, others struggle day by day and that’s not pleasant but normal.

No matter your background, power, possibility or talent for making money, you might end up getting a loan at some time during your life. Whether is putting your kid through colleague, buying a new car or building a new business, loans could help make or break any deal.

What differentiates someone that could get him or herself out of debt from someone that crawls deeper is actually the way they manage to pay off the debt.

Surely the ideal way for getting out of debts is by paying off in time, but sometimes, if you have more than 2-3 loans, you might need to figure out how to administrate everything so that they don’t get out of hand. Having debts is not a walk in the park but it’s worse when things get out of hand while trying to get yourself out of there, especially if you have a business. You can get one or 2 loans in the beginning, but then you should stop because it’s counterintuitive to accumulate more debts while expanding the business.

Is debt consolidation a valid idea for paying off loans?

Firstly, what is debt consolidation actually?

Basically it means that you get a new loan or a balance transfer credit that would pay off all the others so that you would only pay for one. This could mean a better interest and a much easier way of paying of a bigger amount of money. This could be an actual service offered by the bank but you can also get a personal loan and choose to pay the debt off just like that. To learn more about this have a look here.

Might this be the best idea?

Probably no but it can help people f they have a high interest fee. But if your credit score is not high enough to get a better interest fee, it might actually not be the best idea. On the other hand, if you manage to consolidate the debt, your credit score goes up which is great. This could also help even after you pay off the entire sum of money. Sometimes, even by just arranging small things about your life or lifestyle could actually improve the quality of life.

Why is debt consolidation not a great idea?

For some it might be the salvation while for others it simply doesn’t work.

If your credit score is low, this can really grow your interest fees. The process of consolidation might attract several new fees that might not be very low. Also, you might just miss out payments which will also affect the credit score.

A debt consolidation plan has to be put together after at least one day thinking about it and another one by setting up the plan. Surely some of you will be shy and wouldn’t want to talk to the boss about this , but for others this could actually mean a change of lifestyle for the good.

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