Work from home area – DIY Renovation

As we have been working from home for almost 2 years now, it was time to restyle the work from home area from our bedroom. Because we never thought we would need two separate rooms for our offices, Part of the bedroom had to be converted into a working area.

We were lucky as the bedroom is big and it had the right space for a remote office there so we decided to give it a new look. The bedroom was supposed to be renovated his year so we stated with the work area first.

While thinking how to spice it up with an accent wall, Photowall contacted me for yet another challenge. Maybe you remember the gallery wall I did last year. Even if I wanted to do something else at the beginning, in the end I picked out an abstract wall-mural that won’t be either too girly or too dark for the room. After searching for more than 1 hour, I went on for Hush that matched my idea perfectly.

Most people are afraid of putting wallpaper up, but I thought that it couldn’t be worse than what I did when I was 6 or 7 when I put on wallpaper with mom all around the house. It was a o lot of hard work and the result was not that great but not bad for that period either. Fortunately Photowall has really great high quality wallpapers and it was really really easy to put it up and get amazing results.

How to put wallpaper up?

The process is really simple:

You get the wall mural rolled up and you need to cut each piece. It has a number so you’d know the order- don’t cut that off.

Be sure the measure and trace a perfect perpendicular line for the first piece in order to get the best alignment in the end.

Wipe the wall so you don’t have any dust on it and prepare the glue.

Use the brush to add glue on wall and then take the first piece and glue it from the top to the bottom. Use your hands or brush to get the air bubbles out and make it adhere to the wall perfectly. If you have not set it right from the beginning, you can still take it off and move it a bit.

Once you have them all up you have to let it dry before doing anything else around that area.

While setting the wallpaper up, I got a few more ideas to use the scraps we got. I added a wallpaper panel right above a console that had a mirror above. The combination is really perfect but I need to work on it a bot more before I show you.

Be creative and just start

If you want to try it yourself, you can use my code for a 25% discount on Photowall.


This piece is not sponsored, as I only received the wallpaper as a gift to review and all ideas and opinions are my own. Feel free to ask me anything about this.

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