Billion Dollar Smile Whitening Kit-TESTING

The complete Teeth Whitening Kit


The next few weeks will be full of events and I have to look my best. A perfect smile is one accessory any woman should have. Still, it’s not all about having the whitest teeth, but more about being healthy and looking your best.

You should never try to overdo anything, especially when it comes to your health because you might just go the wrong way.

As I said before, I tried some whitening strips from Whitecrest and recently had the chance to see Billion dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips in action. I was very impressed and I loved the fact that in comparison with Whitecrest, they didn’t have any peroxide in their formula.

Now I got the  band new kit and I am really curious to see how it works. I have to be ready for the next weekend because I will be away with a super amazing project. More info very soon. Keep you posted 😉

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Have a great day!


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 billion dollar smile kit

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