Airport Look – What to Wear When Travelling

What to wear at the airport?


Planning a trip? Here are some ideas on what to wear on a trip.

When I wrote this I was flying over Africa on my way to Tenerife and I thought I might just write some tips about what to wear when travelling by plane.

But now, I am actually on my way to another destination. Follow me on Instagram to find out where I am heading to.

coatedj jeans and printed tshirt

Comfort is the main word!


Yes, I always try to dress up comfortably when travelling especially when it comes to longer flights.

Of course your look will depend on where you are travelling from and to based mainly on temperatures. Still, the main idea here is to layer up comfortable clothes that you can easily take of if needed.

I always wear sneakers, or boots of it’s winter. Generally shoes without metal plates are best choices so you would avoid having to take your shoes of at security check.

Jeans and jeggings are my first picks always. They won’t keep me too warm or cold in case the weather is not great. They provide comfort and are also easy to mix and match.

A simple cotton Tshirt and a cardigan over. If the weather is not that great, I will get a jacket over too. A jacket I can slip into my bag or tie around my waist so I can keep my hands free.

airport look jeans and tshirt

pravana haircolor red purple


When it comes to accessories, the less the better. Taking your watch, bracelets, earrings and necklace at the security check will not be a fun thing to do. I had just a watch and a belt, but had to fill up 3 trays with my things. I have a comfortable backpack where I keep my laptop, camera, chargers, wallet of course and powerbanks. So if I had many other accessories on, it would have taken much much longer.

Sunglasses are a must every time I travel. I need my sunglasses all the time with me especially during summer.


ray-ban sunglasses gradient aviator

I also tried to travel with sun hats, but that was not the best idea. I always had to be sure I won’t hit anything or anyone with it. I will probably not do that again too soon because .

I  still have to improve my packing because most of the time, I over-pack. Many more clothing items for just in care something happens.( like my top doesn’t match my jeans…) and of course a big bag of creams, cosmetics, etc. I know the rules, but can’t stick to them….

black leather jeans good vibes top trolley

black leather jeans good vibes top


Have a great week! I know I will 😉


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