Fall Trends

Talking about boots, because as you know they are my favorite type of shoes Autumn is probably the best season to try and experiment different styles.

So many designs to choose from for so many different occasions.

Leather or Suede?

This is probably the first question before we pick any kind of boot. I love suede , it’s more elegant and classy. still this type of leather is much harder to be taken care of. If you stain it, you might now be able to get it out. Probably the only way to fix it is to dye them.

Studded or Cutout?

Studded boots are right up my alley. Metallic details, buckles and spikes are surely a first choice when I go shopping. They should also feel comfortable so in this case a shorter heel or even flat sole is the ideal pick.

Ankle or Knee High?

Both look really amazing on both short and tall girls, even if you might think differently. They key is to choose the right length for your height and associate it appropriately with your clothe’s lengths. Don’t wear ankle boots if you have a thicker ankle, it will just emphasize it. In this case, try calf length boots.

Boots and Bags

Matchy matchy all the way is a good idea sometimes, but if you want to make it more fun, try mixing textures and of course colors. To be on the safe side, go for similar shades of the same color and maybe a mix of neutrals.Braided details, painted motifs or even cute fringes are things you could experiment with.

How do you pick and wear your boots?


over the knee boots

Box Leather         Suede Leather

studded boots

Combat Boots           Studded Lace up        Chain Buckles

knee high boots

Red Suede          Black Suede

ankle boots

Grey          Mustard             Orange

suede boots

Left                    Right



Burgundy         Grey         Black

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