Can fashion become dangerous?

I think you never asked yourself this, but it can actually become dangerous and lead to personal injuries that you never thought of.


Going shopping is for some a hobby, for other a lifestyle while some even ignore it as much as they can. But most of us do not think of all the details when going shopping and trying on clothes. We go and find that perfect dress or killer shoes we adore, but we do not think that maybe they can harm us. Besides the fact that high heels are not always the most healthy option, they might just lead to a fashionable personal injury in just a few seconds.

There were reported some very intriguing accidents that blew my mind. I never thought I could read something like that and be true.

But the thing you need to keep in mind is that you should find some professional help like the Hunter Law, P.A

fashion personal injury

Personal injuries in fashion

For example, a woman filed a lawsuit against a manufacturer because her new cocktail dress burst into flames in a few seconds. The dress was made from a very inflammable fabric that got in contact with her cigarette at the party. She also won this one too.


Another woman bought a dress that the store clerk suggested and after wearing it she got a really bad rash. The dress was dyed with a very strong ingredient that cause a chemical dermatitis and needed special treatment to overcome it.


Probably the most famous incident would be at Zara. When a woman filled a lawsuit against the giant retailer for personal injuries after wearing a dress she bought a few days before the incident. You will never guess, so I will tell you. She got a really bad rash that was diagnosed as rodent born disease. Basically she wore the dress to the office with a rodent sewn on to the dress at the seam. She smelled something bad, but she thought it was something else, until she discovered the “crime”.

fashion personal injury

The buyer got a specialized personal injury lawyer that eventually managed to get her a pretty significant sum of money for personal injuries and emotional distress.

A less fashionable case would be a lab scientist’s that actually died because of such an incident. The was working with mercury and was using latex gloves. Accidentally she spilled a few drops on her hand but she was wearing gloves at that time so she didn’t take them off because their role was to protect her hands. Bad move because the mercury entered her body through the gloves and after a few months she started to have seeing, walking and speaking problems. Unfortunately she eventually died.

These are just few examples of small details that might change our lives forever and most of them we can’t even avoid. Best thing is that if you are in a similar situation, just seek special assistance and be sure to claim what you deserve. Otherwise the persons that are guilty will continue doing what they did even without knowing ending up destroying other people’s lives too.

fashion personal injury

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