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Autumn Trends


I really hate the cold season, but the only thing that I sort of like about autumn and winter is that I can pull out all of my boots and wear them even on a day to day basis. There are tones of skirt outfit ideas to explore, you just need to be creative and have fun with it.

Skirt and boots outfit ideas reloading because you guys have asked me for more inspiration on this topic.

Even if I don’t wear skirts too often, I do like to create fun looks with these versatile pieces of clothing. And needless to say, they can help anyone look better while wearing a skirt rather than trousers. Why? I will answer in a bit.

Why you should pick skirts in the cold season.

You might think that skirts will expose your legs even more than trousers and if you are not happy with the way you look, you will surely not pick a skirt for your next outfit. But the thing is that skirts might help you even more than a pair of trousers would. Find your assets and focus on them while you will try to fade out the flaws you think you have. A loose skirt with a fitted waistline will surely cover your love handles while emphasizing your slim waistline. Pick the right length and your legs will appear longer and slimmer. You just need to try different styles to find the best match.

Skirt will not keep you warm during winter. Well, news flash! You can opt for thermal tights that would keep you warmer than your favorite pair of jeans. Also, if you layer on a knitted wool skirt, you double the insulation. This is not an excuse to forget about skirts during autumn and winter. The best tights and stockings will also make your legs appear thinner if you go for a simple design.

Boots look great with skirts

‘Why? because if you put on the right combination you will achieve a creative outfit that pull out the best in you. Over the knee boots with a mini skirt will be the legs for days secret you will want to keep for yourself. A midi skirt with some high heeled ankle boots will transform your pear shaped body onto an hourglass figure if you opt for a more voluminous top to balance the look. Adding boots to your skirt outfits will enable you to create elegant or either rock edgy outfits that should fit your personality and lifestyle. Only wear what you love and don’t make compromises when it comes to style.


I know I will be creating more skirts and boots outfit this season, but what about you?



denim skirt and boots





knee high boots and leather skirt


autumn outfit with boots


laced up boots with knitted skirt


Skirt and Boots Outfit


preppy skirt with boots


Skirt and Boots Outfit


leather skirt and boots


silk skirt with leo boots


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