Casual Outfit for a City Break


Live Life on Fast forward

I just set down for a few minutes, finishing this text then right to bed. I can’t wait for the weekend!

As you know a few days ago, I went on a fast trip, actually everything in my life is fast paced and I love it, but sometimes it gets to me and I have to run away. We packed our bags and went for a city break. Walking around town, talking for hours and hours, simple stuff. Because everything important in life is very simple. Agree?

Before Easter, Choies made a special discount code that you can use. The banner is just at the end of the post, and yes, that’s me.

P.S. Can you guess the city we visited?


Traieste viata la viteza maxima

Tocmai m-am asezat jos de 2 min. Termin de scris aceasta postare si direct la somn. Abia astept weekendul!

Dupa cum stiti, acum cateva zile am evadat putin in afara tarii pentru o excursie super rapida. Totul in jurul meu se desfasoara la viteza maxima, si imi place asta, dar cateodata ma prinde din urma si simt ca trebuie sa evadez. Ne-am facut bagajul si am plecat! Plimbari prin oras, povestiri nesfarsite.. lucruri simple in viata pe care merita sa le apreciezi, de fapt cam singurele. Tot ce e simplu e valoros, restul nu merita. De acord?

Inainte de Pasti, Choies au pregatit un super discount. Codul de reducere il gasiti mai jos in postare, si da, eu sunt in imagine:)

P.S. Ghiciti orasul in care am fost?





carerra sunjet sunglasses

magnolia soulangeana

my better half


casual trip outfit guess

Hat: Pimkie /Jeans: H&M/ Bag: Guess/ Coat: Here/ Sunglasses: Carrera /Boots: StoneCreek


guess marsala bag casual trip outfit guess

windows bridge


creepy church


hallway statues


cherry blossoms pink


cherry blossom  marsala hat


discount coupon choies

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  1. Love this look for travel. A hat and gorgeous hat do the trick every time!

    adorn la femme

  2. Arată atât de bine ținuta ta! ♥ Părul tău m-a lăsat fără cuvinte! I love it!

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