How to Pack Light for a Weekend Trip

how to pack for a trip


Simple Rules for Packing

I hate packing because everything I think I need doesn’t fit in the suitcase…

I know which is my biggest mistake, I always pick a much bigger suitcase than I actually need so then I have to see it full, such a waste of free space inside… Why not fill it up with useless things? Right?

I always say I will pack less next time, but I never listen to myself.

Right now I am packing again for a short weekend trip and I thought that writing this post will help me get organized.

Let drop some rules:

#1 Small Suitcase- or even a dufflebag so you will avoid overstuffing it with things you don’t need, especially when it is only for 2 days.

#2 Get the absolute necessities. Basic make-up and toiletries, a single mini perfume and none or less hair products( I never pack hairproducts unless it’s more than 2 days)

#3 Figure out the outfits you want to wear for the two day stay and get an extra top or cardigan if the weather is changing.

#4 One coat will do, you don’t need many more unless you are a fashion blogger and all the rules are broken this very second. (bloggers don’t have normal packing rules)

#5 Shoes, I really have a problem here… I take too many but well, we should stick to 1-2 pairs. Maybe some flats and a pair of heels for going out to dinner. Agree?

Now I am back to packing, I hope this helped you because I am not sure if I can take my advice:)) This always happens


Reguli simple pentru pregatirea bagajului

Urasca sa fac bagajul pentru ca niciodata nu imi intra toate lucrurile de care cred ca am nevoie…

Stiu si recunosc ca pornesc gresit. Mereu aleg o valiza mult prea mare fata de ce as avea nevoie sa iau cu mine si apoi cand vad ca am mult spatiu liber, o umplu, doar nu fac risipa. De fiecare data spun ca voi impacheta mai putine, mai cu cap, dar nu ma ascult niciodata…

Acum chiar imi fac bagajul pentru o scurta excursie si am aceeasi problema. M-am gandit ca poate daca insir aici niste reguli ma si tin de ele.

Sa vedem daca imi si iese…

#1 Valiza trebuie sa fie mica, poate chiar o geanta de sala maricica sa zicem. In mod normal mai mult de atat nu avem nevoie pentru 2 zile.

#2 Luati doar ce e absolut necesar. Machiaje de baza si produse de toaleta pe care le folositi zilnic sau tratamente. Un parfum mic si foarte putine produse pentru par, sa chiar deloc.(eu nu imi iau nimic la mine , mai ales daca e vb de 2 zile)

#3 Ganditi de acasa tinutele pe care vreti sa le purtati si  eventual mai luati un top si un cardigan daca vremea e schimbatoare.

#4 O jacheta ajunta, nu aveti nevoie de mai mult de una, asta daca sunteti fashion blogger si de aici nu mai exista reguli…

#5 Pnatofii, deja e grav, mereu imi iau prea multe perechi la mine. In mod normal mai mult de doua nu trebuie. O pereche de pantofi fara toc si o pereche cu toc pentru cina eventual.

Eu ma intorc la treaba, sper ca v-au ajutat pe voi sfaturile ca eu nu stiu daca reusesc sa ma tin de ele:)) Mereu patesc asa

how to pack for a trip

packing for a short trip how to pack for a trip

Two summers ago:)))


  1. I find it so hard to only have 1-2 pairs of shoes! I always feel like packing like every pair!
    Meg of An Affair of Character

  2. Your post is awesome! I found so much useful information about how to pack my stuff better. I like your packing rules. Greetings

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