Comfortable versus chic. What will it be skirts or pants?

Skirts or Trousers? What will it be?

You probably know by now that I am a pants fan, especially jeans and that I rarely wear skirts or dresses. This is mostly because I want to feel comfortable and not worry about details like being lucky enough to go out on a windy day with your favorite flared skirt.

Generally speaking, skirt are more elegant and chic than pants, but I don’t agree entirely. First of all, you look good in what you feel good, so wearing a chic skirt that you don’t feel comfortable in will not make you look awesome. This might come as a shock, but you can see from a mile away if a person is trying hard to be something else, to look good in a piece of clothing they would normally not wear. So in my opinion, you would appear more elegant in a pair of pants that you like rather than in a skirt if you usually avoid such pieces of clothing.

croc leather ksirt
Skirt: here
leather pencil skirt
crocodile printed skirt

Sometimes, I go for skirts, but most of the time, they will be short and more on the rock chic or casual side. Leather skirts, denim skirts or jersey skirts are my favorites because they are both comfortable and easy to mix and match in both classy and urban inspired looks. This leather skirt for example is one of my favorites because of the texture and print. It’s also very comfy by the way. I choose to pair it with a statement top and one of my favorite pair of sandals that also have that croc texture and print. Now that I am thinking about this more, I would also try to wear this skirt with some cycling shorts and a crop top with a long shirt-blazer over. I think it would give a ore edgy feel and emphasize the cool print on it.

cargo trousers
cargo pants khaki
khaki green cargo pants
Pants here:

The cargo pants have been a long time love since high school. I found one of those pairs a few days ago and surprisingly they still fit. The idea behind finding the best cargo pants is to try on several pairs and see which style flatters you more. A thinner fabric with a soft texture would be my first pick and not thick ones. The reason would be comfort, but also because being short and not that skinny, any kind of thick textured pants would make me appear even bigger. Being high waisted, such cargo pants would look awesome with a short top. Problem is, I don’t have that many crop tops to choose from , so I went for an interesting texture contrast. A sort of a lace and some studded sandals. I have to admit that these are one of the most comfortable pairs of pants that I have ever worn.

High waist jeans is no new news that every fashionista loves them so much. They make you appear taller, slimmer and some are actually very comfy. This is also the case because the fabric is so soft and stretchy that they feel like a second sin. And because no look is finished without a cool top, I picked this crop to for a nice volume mix. What do you think?

high waisted jeans
flower crop top
high jeans
Pants: here

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