What To Consider When Buying An Antique Engagement Ring

Today, engagement rings come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and styles. These incredible and fascinating artefacts cost anywhere from a couple of hundreds of dollars all the way to many thousands of dollars. Before you go out splurging a significant amount of money on a particular ring, it’s prudent to conduct a thorough research on the latest trends rocking the ring business.

It’s no secret that many new couples prefer going for antique rings. Antique engagement rings are an ideal choice for three main reasons. They are personal, incredibly glamorous and comes in a reasonable price. Here are the vital considerations to ensure you get quality antique engagement rings fast.

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Check the condition.

As you’re purchasing something that dates back to several decades ago, it is best to check if it is still in great condition. Check if the stone is still properly set in the ring.

What Period is the Ring From?

Consumers love and adore antique rings because they offer a wide array of different styles to consumers. The inspiration behind each of the elegantly styled rings comes from a particular period in history. The methods used to design antique rings are constantly evolving and that’s where the subtle differences arise from. A consumer can either select antique rings made in the Georgian, the Victorian, the Edwardian, the Retro or, the Art Nouveau periods.

• Georgian Period rings got handcrafted by the leading jewellers in 16th Century England. These artefacts often contain a pronounced nature theme. These rings boast of beautiful floral patterns and designs which you’ll never find replicated elsewhere.

• The exquisite rings made in the Victorian Period spanning from 1836 to 1901 also bear a strong nature theme and influence in their designs. The jewellery inspired by the Royal family is admired greatly for its sheer beauty and superb poise.

• The Art Nouveau Era started in the late eighteen hundreds and it ends in the year 1919. This period is an important inflection point in the ring business as it paved the way forward for a paradigm shift in the designing of these adornments. The experts operating in this epoch blended and combined several materials to come up with awe-inspiring designs you’ll fall in love with.

• The Art Deco Period produced some of the most precious antique rings the world has ever known. The Art Deco Era spans from 1920 to 1935 and it witnessed the craftsmen shifting from the set norms to produce artefacts with conspicuously straight and sharp lines. The Art Deco rings are also renowned for their bright and attractive colours.

• During the Retro Period from 1930 to 1950, a few of the frequently used materials, for instance, Platinum became harder to access and, the artists were forced to look for alternative materials to make the rings. The engagement pieces from this epoch contain synthetic sapphires and rubies. The rings came with noticeably large and chunky ruby and sapphire rocks and they’ve remained popular to this very day.

Where to Shop

Using referrals, it’s quite easy to get connected with the best jewellers in your vicinity. Ask around to find out the location and the reputation of the leading antique shops in your city and proceed from there. Alternatively, consumers can do some light researching on the web to find the most trusted antique dealers stocking antique rings. For instance, you can get quality antique engagement rings in Sydney at Kalmar Antiques at incredible rates today.
Take note of those points and you’re sure to find the best antique engagement ring for the woman you love. She will surely adore the history that comes with the ring and your effort to finding her something unique.

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