Contact lenses and make-up

Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

I have been wearing contact lenses for a few years and I must say that in general I never have problems with them.

I wear soft vision lenses and I tried only one wear a pair of colored lenses for Halloween. In my opinion they weren’t as comfortable as the ones for vision.

Still, my eyes get tired from time to time and I need really good make-up products in order not make things worse.

I discovered this super cool mascara from

First time I tried it, I was s bit skeptical because it was basically another type of mascara.

Then I opened the box and smelled it. I smells a bit like cream but very discreet unlike others. I put my lenses on and they used the mascara. It was perfect! The effect was  visible and the product never hurt my eyes.

It’s not cheap, nor very expensive but health is much more expensive than things.

Try to use this mascara instead of the other because they might cause an itchy side effect.

Try it out and let me know what you think!



contact lenses and mascara

mascara for sensitive eyes


eye care cosmetics


contact lenses and mascara


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