How to wear Boots in Summer

Wearing boots in summer


I know you will say that wearing boots in summer is really a bad idea. Still, I think that moderation is the key even when we are talking about trends and fashion.

panama jack boots summer

Hat: NewEra / Shorts: Diesel / Boots: Panama Jack

pravana haircolor red purple

boots and shorts in summer

mesh top
Surely this is not a thing you should consider as a daily wear, but an exception.
Think about this. Going to a music festival where most of the time the setting is out in the field, forest or park. If it rains you will be walking in muddy areas, if not, just a bunch of dust so why not consider wearing boots even in summer?

Picture this. Flats or strappy sandals for such an event. I will just predict a simple scenario. Broken nails, muddy feet and maybe even injuries because you can never know what you can literally stumble upon.

pravana haircolor red purple

Surely there are other options to consider, but I really love the shorts and boots combination.

To be sure you won’t have any bad surprises here are some basic rules you should consider:

  • Pick leather interior boots so that your skin will feel great even in high temperatures.
  • Never, ever think of wearing boots without socks just because it’s summer. Socks don’t necessarily keep warm, they drain sweat and keep the skin healthy
  • Talking about socks, go for cotton all the time. Bad socks are worse than no socks.
  • Don’t stay more than 8-10 hours in boots especially when it’s really hot outside.

As I just said, moderation is the key in feeling and looking great while wearing boots in summer.
I picked my favorite Panama Jack boots for a cool music festival inspired look.
Paired up with some ripped shorts and a mesh top, plus a small backpack for necessities and of course a baseball cap to be sure the sun won’t bother me much. Never forget sunglasses because they will make you look good even if you are not wearing make-up 😉

Hats and caps are always a great idea when sitting all day in the sun. Better safe than sorry.

Ready for you summer festival trip?

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