Crest Whitestrips -for whiter teeth-review

Recently I bought a set of Crest Whitestrips Vivid 3D White to see if it really works. I know you have probably heard many things aboutthis product so I will cut to the chase. They really work, and the price is very good for the results it gives. But still you have to be careful if your teeth are sensitive.
Because I wanted to give you more proffesional advices, I asked my friend Iasmina to help. And here is some advice from her, as a proffesional.
  •  I personally tried CREST WHITE strips and I got similar results to some other bleaching tecniques used in the dental office. 
  •  The only drawback in my opinion is that it takes longer to reach the desired result ( in the dental office about an hour at home in about 2 weeks ) . 
  •   Another drawback is that it sensitizes teeth in some patients as more than the others, but for this we can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth (eg Sensodyne PRO enamel )
  • Dental office Bleaching has the advantage that the effect lasts longer and more intense , the disadvantage is the high price ( somewhere around 200 – 250euro )    
  • Teeth are somewhat more susceptible to the same extent , but should be considered that home bleaching sometimes takes two weeks , while the office bleach is done  in an hour, and let’s say you have only 2 days of dental sensitivity this way.
  • Regarding the degree of invasiveness ,I  see them the same. , But in teh office we have a controlled environment and we take protective measures to cause as little damage to the enamel as possible 
  •  Realistically speaking,whitening procedures are invasive and it;s not the best thing that you can do to your enamel , but as in everything else, excess is harmful.
  • Keep teeth white after bleaching by using whitening toothpastes that have a coarse etxture, and I personally find that they also clean better , regular professional cleaning at the dental office ,and if having white teeth has become an obsession, give up coffee, wine red , tea and smoking.
Extra TIP: Use deep red lipstick with a blue undertone for whiter looking teeth .
Photos by Veres Krisztian


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