Are you also an influencer?

What’s an influencer?

There has been a really intriguing debate about influencers lately and the opinions are either positive or negative, instead of being realistic about it.

More and more people call themselves influencers and act like real celebrities, and maybe some actually grew to that level, but most of them, are not even close to that. They just started a blog and have over 1000 followers on instagram and that makes them Influencers.

Surely anyone can call themselves as they want to, but what are actually influencers and how did everything explode around them so fast? Influencers are persons that have a loyal fan base or let’s call them friends that really rely on what the influencer posts. Simple as that.

So if you would ask me, an influencer could also be that old lady neighbor of yours that told you she’s been using a great detergent for her fluffy towels and you have been using it yourself ever since. Nancy Behrman knows best what’s trending in this influencer marketing world right now.


Influencer marketing has grown really fast over the past few years and more and more brands rely on this type of advertising. Why? Influencers are more easy to relate to rather that hot shot celebrities and fancy filmed ads you can see on tv. An Influencer using Whitening patches for example, can actually convince you to use them yourself. You have been following him or her before and you can see a great improvement. The product is really affordable and accessible to the public, so why not give it a go? If you would watch a commercial, for Maybelline mascara for example, they are all really pretty and neat, but the light is perfect, the complexion is perfect, the angle, everything. So would you buy it because the ad show it’s manipulated perfection? Or would you try it out because a certain Influencer posted a dark and not so sharp live video of herself using the mascara and you can actually see it works?

I bet it’s the second one! And brands love this approach for two reasons. Most of the time it’s cheaper, and second because it’s real, more convincing and relatable for the public, aka the influencer’s followers. And much more than just influencer marketing, niche influencers. These have smaller followings but the niche is very precise and the followers are more engaging and loyal. Either way, influencers need to stay true to themselves just like Nancy Behrman said, it’s important to stay true to your own personal convictions.


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