Denim Trend 2015

What to Wear With Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are back, more fashionable than ever. They look pretty amazing with probably everything you already have in your wardrobe so if you don’t have a flared pair of jeans yet, it’s time to buy one right now.

Denim trend 2015 is really all about being hip and urban. You will surely see fashionistas wearing skinny jeans, straight jeans or the infamous boyfriend jeans we all love, but the really interesting type is actually flared jeans.

I own several pairs of flared jeans and I think they are probably the best jeans to try if you want to look taller. Of course you have to wear heels but the optical illusion will show your legs much longer and slimmer. Every tried them on?

Wear them with a fluffy pulover and a nice fur vest for cold winter days. During summer, a cropped lace top or maybe a flower printed shirt will complete that boho inspired look. Surely no pair flared jeans is complete without it’s best friend: the John Lennon sunglasses. I got these silver mirrored sunglasses from Ray-Ban but my advice is to look for an authentic vintage pair. They will bring the exact vibe you are look for.

But talking about trends, let’s focus a minute on how many clothes we all own and still buy every season. A lot! That means a lot of waste going down the drain. Still, Puppa Fashion found a nice way to produce their clothing trying to recycle as much as possible.

As they say : “Textile wastes represent the biggest growing waste in the EU currently. Our production and the process of designing are environmentally friendly and focused on reducing textile waste. In production of our clothes we follow zero-waste strategy.”

I got this really awesome cardigan from then and even if I just stepped a few minutes outside people already started to ask me where I got it from. I’ve got more stuff to show you so stay tuned!


what to wear with flared jeans

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Cardigan: Puppa Fashion/ Jeans: Vintage / Sweater: Atmosphere  /Hat: DIY /Bag: Here /

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ Necklace: Luzzacessories

jeans trend 2015

waterfall cardigan by puppa fashiona

round ray-ban mirror sunglasses

jeans trend 2015

BAD_3448 (Copy)

waterfall cardigan by puppa fashiona



  1. i’m not sure i could pull them off but they look awesome on you!

    danielle | avec danielle

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