Budget Red Dresses for Christmas


Holiday Glam Looks

I don’t know about you, but  I really can’t wait for the Christmas vacation! It’s been a really long and busy year and I want to have a few few days to just sit back and relax with my family.

Still, this doesn’t mean parties will be avoided. Not at all! Time to glam up and enjoy Christmas.

And what is the perfect for any Christmas look? Red of course! The color of seduction!

And because you surely spent a fortune on gifts for the loved ones, your budget will be low when it comes to getting a new dress. Not to worry! I found the best sexy little dresses for just under 30$.

Maxi Dress

This open back maxi dress is really something! A perfect investment for any season. For a special Christmas party style it with a faux fur jacket or cape. It will look divine!

red dresses for Christmas

Maxi open back dress

Red Lace Dress

Lace is always a great idea! A long sleeved dress also keeps you warm so you can even get a bodysuit under to be sure you won’t catch a cold. Wear it wil some over the knee boots and maybe a short leather jacket with a fur trimmed collar.

holiday dress

Red lace dress

Mini Red Dress

A simple, yet special mini red dress is all you need for a holiday party. Wear them with tights because you don’t want to spend the holidays under the sheets with a hot tea. A bow detailed dress is very classy, but you could still wear it for a more casual event. For a bold mix, try it with some bell bottom jeans and you will surely make an impression.

Sequins will never go out of fashion but remember not to exaggerate when picking out such a dress. Too much glittery details will make you look like a Christmas tree and you surely won’t want to compete with it.

EXTRA TIP: If you are tired of that old dress, wear it as a skirt or top. For a cool mix, add a fluffy sweater on top and you will have a new skirt this way. Or the other way around. A maxi chiffon skirt over the dress for a classy, holiday look.

red dresses for Christmas

Short Red Dresses

What will you wear for Christmas?

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