Designer Slippers To Take To The Beach

Splurge on sandy feet

Usually you don’t want to get sand in your designer shoes but when it comes to super-fab beach shoes, then we are talking on a different level.

Spending tons of money on slippers you want to take to the beach may not be the best idea. You might loose them, get robbed, or just destroy them in the salty water and sandy beaches.

But if you do want to look like a California diva, splurge your budget on super chic designer slippers. And not any designer slippers, but simply the best ones.

Either you like some jelly studded flip-flops from Valentino or skull adorned slippers from McQueen, you know you will spend a small fortune on them. So make sure that the beach shoes you choose really fit your style.




designer slippers to take to the beach


Alexander McQueen


designer slippers to take to the beach

If you want something a bit more on the elegant side, try Chanel. Expensive, but boy will you grab all the attention! Worth it, right?!


designer slippers to take to the beach

chanel flip flops

Statement slippers? Zanotti is the name to look for. Bling bling, metallic details and super high prices. You can’t have it all, can you?

Giuseppe Zanotti

zanotti slippers

zanotti slippers beach shoes

So would you rather go on a fancy holiday or save up for some fab slippers?

Just saying…. I would just go barefoot to the beach…


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