Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Selfie

Can you admit you never tried to take a selfie?


Selfies have been popular for years, even longer than we can remember because yes, they are not as new.  Using compact film cameras for selfies especially on vacations has been a trend for years and years, much before we got the super smartphone with the fancy camera lens on it but nobody ever bothered to find. of tips and tricks for the perfect selfie.

But until now they haven’t gained so much attention and the struggle for the perfect selfie is real.

Everyone is trying to find the secret behind the ideal selfie and even D&G made a list of tips for taking the perfect picture.

dolce and gabanna perfect selfies

What makes a selfie perfect?

Is it the perfect angle? The background? The settings of the after filters? Well, let’s find out what you need to keep in mind if you want to get that perfect selfie.



Even if it’s a selfie, you need a nice location. Try to find something less crowded because you will want your main focus to be on the main subject and not on the busy scene behind. Light colored backgrounds are the best choice if you want your picture to stand out.


If you found the perfect location, think about the light. You need good light both for the quality of the picture and the overall look. Dark surroundings tend to be noisy and less clear even if you take it with your rear facing camera. If you are taking a picture inside, find a big window and the picture there. The key is to take the picture while you are facing towards the window so that you get that cool catch light in your eyes. Try different distance fro and to the light and see which works best.


A plain photo might be nice but you need a point of focus. Figure out what you want to emphasize and focus on that. Whether it’s a new pair of sunglasses, a necklace, maybe your new puppy or a new chair. Make sure that object or person is well framed and lit so it won’t lose it’s initial importance.


For taking portrait selfies, I find that if you are trying to get your phone higher and take the photo while looking up at it, this angle contours the face very beautifully. Surely maybe this angle isn’t ideal for everybody but it’s a starting point for beginners. If you’ve just started this sport, taking a selfie can start by trying this first angle. You will want to try many other methods until you find the best one.

perfect selfie


Now that you’ve found the location, you have the perfect light and the best angle push the shutter button and it’s time to add some filters. Surely you can get a super cool picture without any post-processing but sometimes the colors aren’t as you wanted them to be. I usually use my favorite instagram filter: Valencia but not fully opaque, about half way through. Then I use the contrast tool, brightness and saturation. I mix them up until I find the right combination for all of them.


Last but not least, try to find the right attitude for the selfie you will want to take but please stop puckering your lips, it’s not cool. A smile will go a long way and you don’t need to fake anything. And if you are facing the window, as I advised you to, your teeth will appear whiter too. If you want them even whiter, try picking the right lipstick that would make them appear lighter or use some whitening kits for home use.


  • Forget the selfie stick and go for a small remote that would let you have your hands free.
  • If you want to get even deeper with the post-processing, try getting some apps that will surely get your editing level up. There are many editing apps that are very easy to use and most of them are also free.
  • Keep your phone as far away from your face as possible. If you have it very close, it will look very weird, making your head look bigger than it actually is.


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