Dream garden on a budget

Everyone has a different idea on how their dream garden or deck would look like, but the thing they all have in common is it feeling like HOME.

Everything is hectic nowadays and when you get home you really want to just relax and feel like you are actually on vacation. Shade, silence, beautiful views and blissful corners where you can just forget about every problem. For some this might be just a sand Zen Garden, for others a fish pond with some coniferous plants, while others might prefer a perfect lawn with some well tailored buxus bushes that depict their favorite animals.

I know what I love most about my garden and I am close to finalizing the whole thing. Maybe only by next summer because lawns and plants can’t grow upon demand so I need to wait a bit longer.

deck garden

Summer project – Garden & Pool

If you have been following me for long enough, you know I have a sweet tooth for DIY projects and recently I started working with wood. From small plant holders to pieces of furniture, all these pieces of furniture or decorations will make for the place I love to relax more. I love working with wood because it’s easier to work with if compared to metal for example. The options are endless and what I like most is that wood can easily be treated and retread when necessary. I always go for an oiled finish that it looks very natural and in time it could be re-oiled or just sanded without a big fuss. The oil makes the wood look so elegant and yet humble.

garden house

As it was all about staying in and plans for any kind of traveling have been postponed until further notice, we opted for building a pool this summer. Our vacation will be in our backyard and there is no trace of regret there. Still, there are many more things to be done.

Design around the pool and deck

Because the garden is not very big, we didn’t want to fill the remaining space with big decks or other types of coverage so we will keep everything to a minimum. We have a medium sized lumber pavilion with a stone deck which is enough for a seated area. that could accommodate close to 10 people easily. Because we would need to fill the area around the liner pool with something, we went for some white marbled rocks that would create a nice contrast between the green grass, white stones and blue water. We need to keep that area to a minimal so that we wouldn’t take too much space that would be reserved for plants and lawn.

If the garden would have been bigger, I would have opted for a nice wooden deck with some chaise-long around it and lavender bushes to create a beautiful separation between spaces. Big flower pots with olive trees and oleanders would make everything look and feel like on a Greek island far away from the big city fuss and day to day problems.

Bottom line is that there are options for creating stunning garden deck or backyards that could be a great relaxing spot for the entire family no matter how big or small the space is. With a bit of creativity and smart planning, a small piece of land can turn into a fairy-tale.

jacuzzi terrace

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