Far away but close apart – How technology keeps us together

If you think of this, you have more messaging platforms installed on your phone than probably any other types of apps. We are used to have a constant connection with people, whether they are family, friends, acquaintances, team mates or just collaborators. With this pandemic and everything that happened all around the world the past few months, we’ve reach out to messaging platforms more than ever. These and many other apps, kept us together with some business thriving even during the pandemic because most of the work was already done online.

being connected

Some business made a good shift. They had the means and quickly moved over to online if they business was not online yet. Many shops and big supermarkets moved toward selling online and using home delivery services to save and even boost they companies during these thought times.

If online shops are harder to implement that quick, and because messaging platforms already existed, with just a good plan, and great organization skills, many business went from offline to online by using messages to connect & confirm order for their clients. It’s that easy. Because a good IPX hub that could also be free like most messaging platform, the data transportation aka, messages from clients to companies would work seamlessly thorough the entire process.  Surely everything has a downside. With clients that refuse orders when the courier comes to their door and not having a shopping basket for a better UX, these would be not so easy parts of just using a messaging platform. But this quick idea might have made your business thrive and not die.

We are so used to this messaging routine that we can’t imagine our lives without them.

I know I use some, not as many as others but Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype are really the ones I use daily and rely on for being able to do my job, stay close to people I am far apart from and keep myself engaged with the life as we used to know it.

mobile apps

Living a life without being connected?

Could we just uninstall all of them and live a life away from technology? Of course, but maybe we wouldn’t be connected that well. I know people that still don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account and they have no problem with that. Still, they do use Whatsapp or Viber to stay close and connected, so it’s not a total disconnection, just far away from online social “ groups” .

whatsapp network

Is it healthy? I think so, but we do need to keep a somewhat connection to people, if not, such a pandemic would have wiped out every long distance relationship with people we were in school with, old childhood friends that moved overseas or maybe even relationships with family members that choose to move away.

I believe that balance is everything and that we can’t ignore the technology evolution, but we should try to live with all the new things and stay focused in the offline life, close to people we love, our family, friends and acquaintances. Refusing to stay grounded is not healthy, not in any of the two extremes.

How do you perceive the evolution of technology?

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