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You can never get enough inspiration and these girls surely know how to rock the fashion scene.

Very creative, they constantly reinvent themselves bringing a fresh approach to the seasonal trends.

When I am out of inspiration, or any idea I might have doesn’t seem too interesting I start to browse style blogs to get a boost. Most of the time I just get a cool hint and then I develop the idea in my own way. Rarely I find an outfit that I love and would wear it as it is. Not because I can’t find such amazing looks but because you just can’t expect something to look identical on you as it does on the other person you saw it wearing.

This is a big mistake so many fashionistas make, they want to wear the same thing and expect it to look as good. Try to adapt it to your figure, your size and general style, never copy.

priscilla diniz fashion blogger

Priscilla is really amazing! With her fashionable wigs she can play any character she wants. The stylish lady, the tomboy and the edgy rebel girl. I admire her courage and even if she changes her look very often, her emblematic style remains.

priscilla diniz fashion blogger

Priscilla –

valeska mitrano fashion blogger

Valeska has a real passion for black and even if her choice of color is mostly limited to neutrals, hey sens of style stands out. With a grunge influence, the right attitude and effortless styling, she really turns head on the street without even trying.

valeska mitrano fashion blogger

Valeska -

konstantina tzagaraki

Konstantina, the stylish lady. Really fun, girly looks or even pretentious formal looks for any special occasion. The right place to find elegant inspiration.

konstantina tzagaraki

Konstantina –

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