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Now that I am back home after a long weekend with plenty of happy or bad incidents , the moment of truth came.

As I met some of you at the Fashion Fridays event, and some knew why I had to leave here is a short story about what happend.

I had everything planned right down to the last minute, but as plans don’t always work as they should I found myself in a weird situation.

At 21:45 I had to be out of town on my way to Suncuius where the base camp for this year’s TOR competition was. The wake-up should have been around 6 in order to reach the start before 7am . I calculate so that around 01:30 we wuld have been in our room at the pension together with Maria that waited for me so I wouldn’t drive all night alone. This was the plan if the show that was announced to start at 21 would have been just 30 min late after the guests would arrive.

But because the show coudln’t have started before 22 or 22:20 as it actually did I left at 21:40. I decided to leave the clothes there because the girls were already dressed and my mom would have taken them after the presentation. All my guests, family and friends remained there for the show even if I left. I felt bad but I actually had no other choice.

Bad luck on the way because there was an accident and we took a 20 km detour that gt us late to the pension. The door was locked so we had to call our colleagues in the middle of the night to wake up and open the door for us.

I think we slept not more than 2 hours that night before the 12 hour long competition, but more about the TOR adventure in a future post.

I will leave a few pictures with some of the designs I presented promising to photograph all of them so that you could see them better.

Were you at the show Friday?

badstyle fashion show


Acum ca am revenit acasa dupa un weekend plin de toate, bune rele si multe peripetii a venit momentul sa elucidez un mare mister.

Cu unii dintre voi m-am intalnit vineri la Fashion Fridays, iar unii si stiti unde si de ce am disparut fix inainte de prezentare.

Aveam totul planuit pana la ultimul minut, dar cum socoteala de acasa nu coincide cu cea din targ, se pare ca nu mi-a iesit.

La cel tarziu 21:45 eu trebuia sa fiu deja plecata din oras in drum spre Suncuius, la tabara de baza pentru TOR 2015. Trezirea se facea in jurul orei 6 ca la 7 sa fim deja la start. Asa ca am calculat sa ajung  pe la 01:30 la pensiunea unde eram cazata impreuna cu Maria care m-a asteptat sa nu plec singura de nebuna noaptea. Am calculat asa in ideea in care ora la care s-a anuntat inceperea prezentarii era 21, dar era normal sa se mai adune lume si am zis 21:30 sa pot si pleca in timp util.

Dar pentru ca eventul nu putea incepe mai repede de ora 22 sau 22:20 cum s-a si intamplat, eu am plecat la 21:40. Am decis sa las tinutele acolo fetele erau oricum imbracate si aranjate deja si sa le recupereze mama mea dupa prezentare. Au ramas toti invitatii mei, familie, prieteni si cunostinte care au venit sa vada show-ul. Mi-a parut tare rau, dar nu aveam o alternativa mai buna in situatia aia.

Si ghinionul a facut ca pe drum sa prindem un accident si sa trebuiasca sa ocolim vreo 20 de km. Am ajuns in jurul orei 2 trezind colegii sa ne deschida deoarece pensiunea era incuiata.

Cred  ca in noaptea aia am dormit maxim 2 ore dupa care ne-au asteptat 12 ore lungi de competitie, dar mai multe despre aventura TOR in alt post.

Va las cateva fotografii din cadrul prezentarii cu promisiunea ca voi poza tinutele sa le puteti vedea mai bine.

Ati fost la prezentare?  V-a placut?

badstyle fashion show badstyle fashion show badstyle fashion show

badstyle fashion show

fashion fridays

Photo by : Dumitrescu Alexandru & Cacuci Andrei


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