Fashionable Accidents as Personal Injuries

When I think of personal injury in the fashion field, I remember the crowds, the anxious people that fill up department store nationwide on Black Fridays or any other promotion of this kind.

These events are so aggressive in both promotion and organization that surely not everyone will get out of that shopping spree in one piece. Surely this is a war game that people choose to battle with, but if there are any kind of incidents or to be more exact, accidents, you should know that you might just be entitled to some kind of personal injury compensation.

Of course you do need to know about this and take action for yourself, but the thing is you have to be the one that makes the first step towards this claim that basically you are entitled to by law.

personal injury

From killer heels to extra long scarves that might make models trip on international runways, to small incidents in a shopping spree at your favorite store, anything can happen.

To be more exact, you might even get a claim for tripping on a hanger someone left on the floor, or slipping on a recently cleaned isle or scratching yourself in a miss placed product tag or a forgotten pin in the dress you just tried on. Now that I think of this, I could have gotten so many claims in my life, if I would have known back then. But hey, this is not applicable everywhere, but it is in the US, so be sure to stay alert in such cases.

In order for you to be entitled to such a claim, you need to first be sure you can prove that the store or it’s premises were to blame for the injury you just got. As soon as you know you have a personal injury to report, you will want to contact the store manager an let him now what happened, how you got injured and why the store might be responsible for the incident. You can’t do thi sis you come back the next day, it’s not valid.

Second thing is to watch your language and what you say. As the saying goes, anything you say might be used against you, you will want to stay away from words that might make you the person that is to blame. Don’t say you weren’t attentive or that you are clumsy, just try to keep yourself out of trouble by taking the blame.

personal injuries

Don’t refuse medical attention in such situations even if you could take care of yourself easily. This is good proof for your personal injury statement.

Best is to have a witness that could back up what you said about the incident.  But if you think  too is too complicated for you to handle, try to search for KFB Law or another lawyer company that could help you prepare for everything you need to do and prepare.

Generaly speaking you should stay away from trouble at all costs, but if there is anything like this that might happend, you should know that you can get your compensation that you deserve according to the law.

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