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If I would have the option to eat anything I want daily, I’d surely be cooking day in day out to please my cravings. But I don’t have that genetic privilege to do that, so I need to be careful what and how much I eat.

Still, when travelling, I tend to give myself a bit more freedom just because such culinary experiences would make awesome memories. Just like scents or perfumes remind you different events, a delicious meal will always be tied to that certain moment in time whether it is a holiday or a special event.

But when I say culinary experiences I don’t mean tasting 3 stars Michelin dishes, but more of a fun, street food experience. I don’t like pretentious meals, I always would prefer something I can eat with my hands, it’s more pleasing.

From Miami, Barcelona, Bari to Mauritius

When I remember all the places I visited I always tie them to something delicious I tasted there. I had the best gelato in Bari, the best veggie tempura in Barcelona, best Thai banana Roti in Thailand & best olive & pepper paste appetizers in Mauritius.

But what I will always remember is having dinner in Miami. We went to the Bayside Marketplace and saw Five Guys. It was our first time there and we were really curious if the service would meet our expectations. We had a burger each, mine was the Vegetarians BLT, and fries. Hands down the best fries I have ever had in my life. Nothing topped them, ever again. The veggie burger was great too, but those fries… heaven.

The secret to those awesome fries is that they always cut them fresh, nothing frozen and fry them in pure peanut oil. Heaping portions that you can’t get enough of, until you do. It was funny that we wanted to order 2 portions of fries, but the buy said, you don’t need two, trust me. It’ said they get the potatoes only from Idaho, and they always have then fresh, they don’t freeze them even if it would have been easier this way.

Cool design with a vintage touch

Loved the vintage feel to the restaurant, and the new Five Guys Daphne fits the aesthetics well. Metro tiles, white and red, simple yet very catchy. You can not not remember how the inside looks of these restaurants look. The freestyle Coca-Cola machines have been a first in such restaurants in the US and they are not only beautiful as a design but also fun to use.

With hundreds of restaurants in the US and the first with a drive in feature opened this year in south Carolina amid COVID-19, Five Guys didn’t settle for just the US. They are now present in Europe too and they are planning to expand further. The Uk, Germany, Spain, UAB and many more locations across the continent and beyond. You can’t expect anything else because the food is insanely good and the prices are really low. What else could you wish for?

Sharing some fries?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I’d could enjoy again the best fries I have ever had.

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