Sport Chic – Pandemic Fashion

It’s funny how this year just passed by and we are still mostly stuck in our hometown, at home and no plans with things getting back to the normal we used to have.

Our lifestyle changed, at least a bit. Not so much travelling, not so much going out or spending time with friends. Staying home, working from home, having fun at home made us pick different types of clothes. From edgy, cool or elegant to basic, casual and comfortable. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different from what we used to opt for a while back.

My style has changed. If I can call it style as a matter of fact. I dress up casually, to work from home. The more comfortable, the better.

Warm joggers for cold winter days

Joggers are basic pieces that really fit into any wardrobe. I choose sand beige because they just go well with everything I already own. Warm pants are ideal for winter. Even for short walks outside with some boots and a warm jacket. The bigger the better. The new style now is oversized anything. The joggers that we used to wear as teens and hated so much, are a statement right now. Large hoodies, wide trousers with narrow trimmings, white sneakers and a backpack is the new uniform we all love to hate. Pastel colors, dusty shades that match the gloomy season paired up with comfy white sneakers, those platform Chuck Taylor’s or Dr. Marten’s boots we all love. Comfort is king and that’s how it should remain.

track trousers
Beige joggers
track trousers

The knitted cardigan

Probably the most loved piece of clothing during fall and winter. The cardigan is that piece of clothing that completes the look, that keeps you warm and could fit perfectly both an elegant or more casual outfit. From sequined skit and slip dresses, to tracksuits and denim attire, the black cardigan can look equally good with any ensemble. As I prefer to stick to sneakers and low heeled boots, simple cardigans would accompany my sporty-chic outfits.

black knitted cardigan
Cardigan :
knitted cardigan

The luxe sport set

Sporty because it’s comfy, not that elegant. But luxe because you can wear it with a twist and add some glam to the whole ensemble. The simply crop T-shirt looks great with high waisted trousers or skirts. This is actually a loungewear set and I chose to wear it as it is, but the top would have looked great even with a knitted or a leather skirt. The flared trousers are very comfy and chi. They remind me of the time when I was in high school and used to sport this kind or trousers daily. The flare is enough to make them look very nice with sneakers and heels too. For a more elegant twist, pick a lace top and a fur vest or coat. The knitted cardigan in this outfit basically ties everything together in a perfect look that is both fun & flirty.

black lounge set
Loungewear set
lounge set

This is the best time to invest in comfy clothes you will wear for a longer period as comfort never goes out of fashion.

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