Garden Party Gear

Summer is my favorite season because I can host outdoor parties every weekend! And this year it seems that Summer hurried a bit because it’s really hot outside, ideal for a barbecue or dinner party in the garden.

As my daughter’s party just passed last weekend, I started thinking of other themes and food ideas for summer parties.  For them I will need special gear and kitchen utensils that will help me achieve that perfect garden party arrangement.

From garden decorations, to drinking wear, table wear and special tools for baking and decorating cakes, I put them all on my wishlist.

I already pushed the buy now button for some of them and I can’t wait to get the home to start working on some beautiful treats.

Here are some cute gadgets for the perfect summer party.



 Popsicle trays


Cake pops trays and fondant letter molds

You can never have enough fondant cutters

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