Glamorous Easter Eggs You Need To Try

Easter Eggs trends in 2017


Yes, Easter is almost here and it’s the best excuse to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

I remember that when I was a little I used to go with my mom to granny and color the eggs for Easter. It was our little tradition and I hope my baby will share these beautiful moments with her grandparents. Easter is all about being together, feeling great and yes, eating too.

Now I am talking about super cool Easter eggs designs that you can easily try at home. Either you want to do them on your own and surprise your guests of you want to prepare a nice family workshop, it’s all up to you. The keyword is CREATIVITY.

Try new techniques and don’t be afraid that might screw up, there is not such thing as wrong creative projects. Some turn out better than expected some fail but you learn something new each time.

Browsing through Pinterest I found these awesome ideas and I don’t really know which I would love best.

From flowery designs handpainted on the egg, to more abstract lines and splatters, I love them all.


glamorous Easter eggs

Textures and colors

All the glitter and shine!

I used to paint the eggs in black and some in metallic colors using car spray, but of course they were never eaten. That was my fun with dad when I was a kid. Nowadays, there are so many varieties of paints that you can basically do anything with just the right paint. Metallics, mirror shine, to super glittery dots and dashes. Another tip if I might add, is using nail polishes for details.

metallic easter eggs

metallic easter eggs

gold glitter easter eggs

Flower garden

Our neighbor used to dye the eggs using leaves and colors made out of veggies and other plants. I found them fascinating. Now, you can try painting plants and other flower motifs using even watercolors. Simple as that! You just need to be creative and have fun! There are no real rules for coloring the Easter eggs this year.

flower painted easter eggs

flower painted easter eggs

Photo source: Pinterest

flower painted easter eggs

shabby chic easter eggs

Decoupage eggs


How will you dye the Easter eggs this year? Going for something classic or a bit over the edge?

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