The Difference Between Diamond Cut And Shape

Did you know that a diamond must be cut to create a shape? But, what’s the difference between the cut and the shape? Let’s take a look.


The Quality of the Cut


The diamond’s cut is one way that a diamond is graded. It’s about how the diamond cutter cuts the angles and facets on a diamond to allow light to shine through it. It’s what impacts the beauty of the stone. The shape of the diamond, though, is the first thing people tend to think about when selecting diamond rings offered by Diamonds.

 The Difference Between Diamond Cut And Shape

Let’s Talk About Shape


Diamond shapes are actually easy to understand. They tend to contribute to the overall style of the ring, and for most couples getting engaged, it is the shape of the diamond that helps them make a decision when looking at engagement rings.


Many people opt for a round, or round brilliant, or even a square diamond for their engagement ring. The round diamond is the most traditional, and by far the most popular shape, while the square – or princess cut – is modern. Other options are referred to as fancy shapes and include:


  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Marquise


Now, About the Cut


Perhaps, you’ve already set your heart on a diamond shape and think your decision-making is done. Not so. It is actually the cut that determines the diamond’s overall dazzle in polish, symmetry, and proportion. The way in which these factors interact both with and against each other will affect the way light moves within the stone.


In a diamond that has been well-cut, light will enter through the top and reflect off the angles between the facets on the sides and then exit back through the top. All the light that bounces around within the diamond creates three more things worth knowing about:


  1. Brilliance


Brilliance refers to the combination of white light reflections found in and on the diamond.


  1. Fire


This refers to the flashes of colour within the diamond.


  1. Scintillation


Scintillation is that incredible sparkle that happens when a diamond moves.


Put together, these are the three reasons a gorgeous diamond will catch your eye and why it looks as though it glows from within. The dazzle is usually created by the light both refracting off the angles and reflecting off the facets.


Square Cuts


Square, or princess cut, diamonds are also very popular choices for engagement rings. It is usually a mixed cut or even a modified brilliant cut, but it still offers all the sparkle and fire of a round brilliant diamond cut.


Fancy Cuts


Fancy diamond shapes can be enhanced by the diamond’s dazzle, including heart, pear, cushion, and marquise shapes.


That’s all the basics covered. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, start with picking the shape your fiancé-to-be will adore and then look at a few different diamonds to see who the light dazzles within them. Don’t get too hooked on carat size, or the weight of the diamond, instead, focus on cut which determines how dazzling the ring will be.


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