Grey Hair

5 Hairstyles you need to try if you have grey hair


Grey hair is super fashionable right now and even if some of us tend to want to hide the color, I can’t deny the fact that’s really cool and I would surely try it if I wasn’t so fond of the colors I have right now. Maybe one day I will be able to ditch the red and go for something else, maybe even gray hair.


It’s so easy to style this color because it is cool by default and you don’t need to do much to it to make it look great.

Try a French braid maybe with some adornments or just a hint of glossy spray. Maybe a twist variant or a pull through version could look as awesome as the classic braid. Still, in this case you would need thick hair that is also long, but you can always try some hair extensions to give it more volume if you are going to a special event.


A simple ponytail flatters the chameleonic tone of grey hair. Try to give it a bit of volume at the top and keep it sleek at the ends. Maybe you would consider using a flat iron and some oil at the ends to be sure you get the best of this simple hairstyle.


Dutch braids are also cool but you need some extra hands to help you with achieveing this look. I know I am not able to do it on my own , not even with the pull through version. Very edgy and yet simple. You can sport this style for a summer festival or a day at the beach keeping your hair off your face.

A short bob will never go out of style, but if you try a bold color like grey, you nailed it. Simple, crisp and clean.Notthing else to say about the classic bob that flatters short girls. I loved mine back then, but I hated it when I had to style it. My hair gets curly when it’s the humidity is high. And not that cool kind of curly, it’s more of a frizzy type that can’t settle.


Would you try grey hair?

grey hair

grey hair

grey hair

gray hairstyles

gray hairstyles


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