Hairstyles for Hats

Messy loose hairstyle or a chic up-do?


Harsh winds and chic hats define this season as it is. We try to keep ourselves warm and still stay stylish without making a compromise towards the not so friendly weather we sometimes need to cope with.

So which hairstyles are best for hats?

The main thing we can do is adapt our hairstyles to flatter the hats we wear and vice versa because if you don’t pick the right hat or hairstyle you might do more wrong than right.

Taking what I already said into consideration you can easily notice that only some hairstyles can be sported when wearing a hat. For example a high bun or mostly any other up-do is not such a good pick because of the obvious reason: your hat won’t fit on it.

So let’s see what options we have.

Perfect Hairstyles for Hats

Big, loose curls like a Victoria’s Secret model or messy ponytails tied at the nape of the neck.. These are very simple to style and if you set them right, you can easily wear them with any outfit you wish. The only thing you might be disappointed about is loosing you volume because the hat will flatten if, especially if you wear it for a long time.


haistyle for hats

 pull up hairstyle for hat

pull up hairstyle for hat

messy hairstyle

haistyle for hats

Braided hairstyles for hats 

Upper or lower crown braids really look amazing underneath a fedora hat. Wear it with big sunglasses and a retro inspired look. Try doing a messy braid if you want to go more boho. A cute idea is to add some embellishments like beads or feathers. So many options.

crown braid for hats

neck nape braid

Pigtails and low buns 

Low pigtails that are braided or knotted are super cute styles you can rock under your favorite hat. Be sure your hair is long enough or insert some hair extensions for a super fab rustic hairstyle. Play with textures when it comes to creating your pigtails. Same hing goes for low buns. Pull the up in a loose ponytail and pit the hair at the nape of the neck. Try to make it look effortlessly.

messy braids for hats

messy braids for hats

chignon with hat

hat hairstyle


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