Here’s What It Takes To Be a Well-Dressed Woman

How many times have you looked at the women around you wishing you could dress with the same sense of style as they do? Perhaps you never realized that it’s something every woman can do by following just a few simple tips. You can collect all the basics in a relatively short period if you start right there – the basics. You can always build from there over time and as you become more at ease with letting your inner self surface.

A Sense of Knowing Who You Are

The very first step is to take a look at who you are and what level of comfort you desire. For example, ultra-high spike heels may be in fashion but you simply can’t walk in them and after a few minutes, you feel like your toes will fall off. You’d much rather don a pair of high quality Gucci sandals. You can easily find your style on sites like this. What could be better than a collection of current trends from leading designers all in one place?

Or maybe you don’t feel you have the body to wear those seasonal mini skirts or tight-fitting leggings. That’s okay! If you choose to wear something you’ve always thought of as taboo in societal norms or for your body type, that’s alright as well. It’s a matter of taking stock in just who you are so that your wardrobe will be designed with your personality and comfort levels in mind.

Essential Items in Your Wardrobe

With that being said, there are a few ‘standard’ items every woman should have in her wardrobe. Yes, you can start with those Gucci sandals if you’d like. What woman wouldn’t want anything designed by the House of Gucci? From Gucci Slides to a Gucci bag to Gucci dresses, jewelry, hair accessories, or sunglasses, if it’s Gucci, it’s essential. Basic items should include items suitable for the workplace as well as at least a couple of dresses for evening wear.

Then there are outfits for clubbing and apparel for the great outdoors. Remember to keep your lifestyle in mind when building a wardrobe. Bear in mind that every well-dressed woman doesn’t dress alike. They create their style based on who they are and how they live.

Always With an Eye on Comfort

Remember those designer sandals mentioned above? Those are the epitome of comfort and a perfect example of choosing between what others are wearing to set their fashion statement and what you can comfortably wear. Just because you may choose flats does not mean your shoes can’t be just as stylish as theirs, and probably more so. A well-dressed woman knows she has to wear it well for the effect she’s after.

They know that their clothes must be like a second skin, an expression of who they are. There is nothing worse than a woman dressing for effect in something she can’t wear well just because she sees others dressing like that. A well-dressed woman is never a follower and knows how to set her own brand.

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