Why is a LOGO important for any business

Whenever somebody starts a new business, most of the time picking the logo is not on their priority list. But this is wrong and I will just tell you why this is.

Why is a logo so important for your company’s identity

When you need arguments as to why it is very important for your business ask yourself what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about McDonalds, Mercedes, Coca-Cola or Versace?

The logo of course. It’s emblematic, easier to remember and to add onto any design rather than writing the brand’s name. You need a logo to use on everything you produce, the company merchandise you give away, your business cards and maybe on transportation trucks that could be imprinted with the companies’ trademarks. This is also beneficial if you consider it as being a billboard sign that would be all around town giving you more exposure.

People would easily remember a logo rather than a name especially if the name not so easy to acknowledge.  Fun fact about remembering images much easier proven by scientists. It’s called the picture superiority effect and it refers to the fact that pictures are much more likely to be remembered than are words.

How to pick a great logo

Now that you are convinced you need a logo, you have to put down some of the most important things to consider when deciding upon a design. It’s much easier to get a company that can offer you the best solutions like the Two Wolves Creative, but maybe you can’t afford such premium services right when you start. If you have some talent, you can try creating it yourself, or maybe you have a talented friend that could help. Anyway, the same points need to be considered.

Pick the color according to your business. Bold colors always get noticed easier. Blue is mostly used in the healthcare domain, fancy colors like purple or pink for fashion and green for anything about recycling, eco-friendly, garden design etc.

Try to go for something simple, easier to be remembered. The logo might incorporate the company’s name if it’s short and it looks good.

Think about the logo on a big billboard and also on a small business card. It should look nice and clear in all sizes.

How much does a logo design actually cost

There is not correct answer here. It depends on what you want and how much you are willing to invest n this. A great designer can be very costly but it can also be worth it. Generally you are not changing your logo too often, and if you are, you will probably just adjust it so you want a good one from the start.

If you do it yourself it might cost you $0, but if you pay someone to do it for you, it could be even ten of thousands of dollars. Generally as a new business owner you should expect something around $300-$1500 to pay for a nice logo.

But remember, brand identity is very important and it should be on your priority list since you start your business.

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